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Apiary Fund Traders Hit $1 Billion in Trading Volume During Trader Summit


More than 70 percent of participants are profitable

just completed its largest and most successful Trader Summit
where more than 70
percent of participants were profitable
trading on live accounts
provided by the Apiary Fund.

More than 150 people attended from all over the U.S. in Salt Lake City
to learn new trading strategies they applied during live trading
sessions. During the four-day summit participants processed more than $1
billion in currency trades.

"Hitting the $1 billion volume level is significant," said Nate Allred,
Apiary principal trader. "The more volume we produce through the Apiary
fund means we receive tighter spreads for trades lowering the cost of
transactions – cost savings we can pass on to our traders."

The majority of Trader Summit participants are beginning traders, said
Allred. "We encourage people to attend the summit because it
far-and-away is the best thing they can do to enhance their training and
improve their trading success."

Using active trading accounts given by Apiary Fund for the Summit,
traders began live trading each morning, shared trading strategies and
developed new techniques from professional instructors and risk managers.

The $1 billion in currency trades the traders processed all occurred via
the Internet at the location of the Summit using the Apiary Fund trading
platform. The active accounts each trader received for the Summit
remains theirs for use in continued trading from their home locations.

The Apiary Fund is a proprietary trading fund. Members receive access to
trading training and coaching. They learn by trading unfunded practice
accounts. When they reach a certain level of trading skill, they receive
an actual account and trade using Apiary's money. As they succeed, the
fund shares a significant part of the profits they earn with them.

About Apiary Fund

Located in Orem, Utah, Apiary Fund is a private company that develops
traders and gives people the opportunity to seek the freedom of flexible
income by trading with its money. Through technology and education,
Apiary empowers traders to work toward their path to success.

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