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Managed Direct Response's Pat Mercuri Combines Two Careers to Drive Marketing Success


Most people have enough trouble trying to manage one business, never
mind two. Pat
is not only the CEO and founder of Managed Direct Response,
a leading direct marketing firm started back in 2001, but also a Senior
Associate at the McMonigle
, the leading realty company for luxury homes in Orange County.

"I know it sounds crazy, but it is a win-win for both my real estate and
mortgage customers that I serve through Managed Direct Response," said
Pat Mercuri. "When I talk to people who want to sell their house, I ask
them who you would want to market your house: a regular Realtor® or a
Realtor® who owns a direct mail company? It is a no brainer in their

"Similar benefits apply to my mortgage clients. Their prospects are
folks who are going to buy or sell a home and need a mortgage and I talk
to those folks constantly. I know the types of messages that resonate
with them, the type of direct mail pieces they read, and the ones they
throw away," said Mercuri.

"I share this knowledge with my mortgage clients so they can develop the
most successful direct mail campaigns. That is how everyone wins. My
expertise is not from an ivory tower -- it comes from the daily
experience of selling homes in Orange County and owning my marketing
company. The only drawback is that I don't get to see my family as much
as I would like."

For the last 20 years Pat Mercuri has grown Managed
Direct Response
into one of Orange County's premier direct marketing
firms with expertise in mortgage, solar, and automotive sectors. His
company has mailed millions of pieces during that time and grown to 40

About Managed Direct Response

Managed Direct Response is a generator of positive results for leading
companies across the country. Managed Direct Response applies the latest
data, technology and testing techniques to create measurable impact for
their clients. Its Founder Pat Mercuri has been nominated on numerous
occasions for the Excellence in Entrepreneurship
by the Orange County Business Journal. Visit
for additional information.

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