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This edition of Future Tech TOE discusses about emerging technologies in
microbial contamination monitoring. Microbial monitoring technologies
address the need for improved safety in food & beverages, pharma &
cosmetics, and healthcare applications. Advancements in novel material
development, especially in the field of nanotechnology have been
essential for further development of advanced technologies such as

As the demand for real-time, more precise, integrated solutions such as
smart packaging is increasing, microbial monitoring technologies are
gaining more research and development interest. Real-time detection is
one of the key features of the novel microbial detection technologies.
In order to ensure rapid action and further contamination prevention,
novel technologies are integrated with artificial intelligence (AI)
solutions to enable quick decisions at the production site. Technology
focus areas include not only novel materials such as graphene
nanosheets, but also detection techniques such as fluorescence-based

For further improvement of consumer safety, advanced biosensors are
integrated in smart packaging, which enables prevention of food or
cosmetics spoilage not only at the production site, but in the whole
value chain.

Key Topics Covered:

Microbial Contamination Monitoring - A Snapshot

  • Introduction to Microbial Contamination Monitoring
  • Key Trends Influencing the Adoption of Microbial Monitoring
  • Enabling Microbial Monitoring with Technology Convergence
  • Key Factors that Facilitate Adoption of Contamination Monitoring
  • Key Factors that Hinder Adoption of Contamination Monitoring

Recent Developments in Microbial Monitoring

  • Key Material Innovations to Enhance the Efficiency of Microbial
    Contamination Monitoring
  • Key Detection Technologies Used for Improved Sensitivity and
    Selectivity in Real-time Monitoring
  • Development of Smart Sensors Facilitated by Advances in Materials

Strategic Insights

  • Adoption of Innovative Solutions Driven by the Need for Integrated,
    Smart Solutions

The Road Ahead

  • Future Trends Focused Toward Wide Adoption of Microbial Sensing in the
    F&B Industry

Key Contacts

  • Industry Contacts

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