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Jason Jennings Reveals the Secrets to a Successful Speech


Bringing an audience to their feet and receiving a standing ovation
is nothing new for Jason Jennings.

In fact, it's his specialty, and with decades of experience in
leadership, workshops and delivering keynote speeches, Jennings has a
few tips to "knocking it out of the park" every time you step on stage.

Thousands of keynote speeches and hundreds of seminars later, Jason
Jennings, a worldwide inspirational keynote
bestselling author and influencer, is proud to reveal his
pre-speech checklist that has brought him so much success in front of
crowds exceeding tens of thousands.

The first step is research. Here is where you evaluate whether you are
the ideal speaker for your client and audience and if they are the ideal
client for you. During this crucial step, you find out what your client
expects, and what they consider to be a successful speech. Once you
establish that your speech is mutually beneficial, you sit down with
them and let the questions flow. These include objectives, challenges,
and opportunities for the client and attendees.

"I like to reach out to ten or twelve people who will be attending the
event for a brief conversation about them, their story, and any
challenges they are confronted with," says Jennings. "This is one of my
favorite parts of the preparation process and deepens my knowledge of my

Once in the destination city, freshen up, familiarize yourself with the
venue and get in contact with your client, letting them know you are
on-site. If your client is holding a reception the night before, offer
to attend and introduce yourself to audience members. This will leave a
lasting impression, and you can almost guarantee to see them sitting in
the first few rows the following day.

Give yourself a few minutes before you begin to ensure all slides and
video/audio are working. Familiarize yourself with the stage, dynamics
of the room, and the behind-the-scenes crew. Thank them in advance, and
once the room starts to fill up, extend these greetings to the audience
by wandering the aisles, and working the crowd. Nothing leaves a more
lasting impression than being accessible and introducing yourself

"When it comes time for the speech, act as though it is the only chance
in your lifetime you will get to share the information. Look within and
be sure to give it your all, and don't forget to thank God for the
opportunity," says Jennings.

Once you receive your standing ovation, be sure to walk through the
audience, say thank you, and extend your gratitude to the staff. Find
your main contacts, ask them if you have exceeded their expectations and
if there is anything else they'd like you to do. Be sure to reach out to
your contact a couple of days following and ask for a written

is a NYT, WSJ and USA Today bestselling author. He has 8
books on leadership, speed, growth, innovation and culture. Not only has
Jason delivered more than 1,200 keynote speeches, but he has given over
500 half-day workshops in 100 countries around the world. There are over
160 free podcasts on his website as well as information on his speaking
availability and costs.

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