Market Overview

StemExpress Expands into Clinical Market


Non-Transfusable Clinical Grade products expand StemExpress' offering

StemExpress, a Folsom, California based leading supplier of human
biospecimens, announces the release of its Clinical Grade
Non-Transfusable products to researchers and clinicians developing
studies related to transplantation, cell therapy, regenerative medicine,
investigational new drug development and medical devices in preclinical
and clinical phases. These new Clinical Grade Non-Transfusable products
support a smooth transition from laboratory prototype to commercial

The new product line features Clinical Grade Non-Transfusable Bone
Marrow, Leukopaks®, Mobilized Leukopaks,®
and Primary Cells. Soon to follow will be Transfusable Grade Clinical

Currently, with intercontinental staff and four locations nationwide,
StemExpress facilities follow and comply with strict CFR 1271 FDA
guidelines regarding the production, processing, and management of
tissue-based cellular products to ensure overall quality and compliance,
which is paramount to the success of the researchers and clinicians
StemExpress supports. Through IRB-approved collection processes and
protocols and with an ISO certified cGMP compliant cell manufacturing
facility, the new Clinical Grade Non-Transfusable products will support
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and academic institutions
that are striving to develop therapies, cures, and answers to diseases
that affect all people.

About StemExpress

StemExpress is a leading Biospecimen
 of human bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood,
mobilized peripheral blood, maternal blood, diseased blood, and human
primary cells. StemExpress has streamlined the entire workflow, from
donor recruitment to shipping the final product, guaranteeing every
sample arrives with the highest purity, viability, and quality
researchers need to ensure confidence in their results.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact
Matthew Phillips, Director of Business Development, at 530-303-3831 or
via email at

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