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India Demand Outlook on Farm and Agriculture Equipment Market 2024-2025 -


The "Demand
Outlook on Farm and Agriculture Equipment Market in India by 2024-25:
Ache Din for Agriculture Sector and for Equipment OEMs is Definitely
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The report "Demand Outlook on Farm and Agriculture Equipment Market in
India by 2024-25" aims to provide unparalleled insights on initiatives
taken by different state to accelerate growth in agriculture sector,
ground reality on what farmers make out of the government support, how
it will translate to improved spending on technology absorption and what
it will means for agriculture equipment OEMs.

From 56.5% in 1950-51 to ~17% in 2016-17, Share of Agriculture in
India's GDP has been on a continuous decline. The decline in growth of
agricultural GDP was primarily due to the fall in the production of
agricultural crops such as oilseeds, cotton, jute and Mesta, and
sugarcane. In 2009-10, despite experiencing the worst south-west monsoon
since 1972 and subsequent significant fall in Kharif food grain
production, the growth marginally recovered to 0.4 per cent primarily
due to a good Rabi crop.

Reversal in this decline, will be a critical piece in ensuring India's
GDP consistently grow at over 8% in the times to come. Agriculture plays
a vital role in India's economy. Over 58 per cent of the rural
households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood.

Agricultural markets remained fragmented even as attempts were made to
integrate markets for goods and services. Individual farmers increased
investment in irrigation and labour saving devices. Simultaneously, they
also increased cropping intensity. Investments paid off as the 2007-12
period was a productive one for agriculture.

However, from a national standpoint, government did not do enough to
complement private investment in agriculture, particularly in
irrigation. The economies of scale that come out of public investment in
irrigation serve to both boost production and partially mitigate the
investment risks of farmers. Instead of public investment, policy was
oriented towards enhancing spending in subsidies riding on inefficient
delivery mechanisms, which left farmers vulnerable to calamities.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Approach & Methodology

3. Agriculture Sector in India

4. Agriculture Value Chain to Equipment and Equipment Application Mapping

5. Key demand drivers for agriculture equipment demand

6. Level of Mechanization in Agriculture

7. Trend related to Equipment Procurement Vs Equipment on Hire

8. Socio-economic profiling of different farmers from different states

9. Profiling of leading agriculture states of India

10. Installed base of Farm & Agriculture Equipment Market in India

11. Farm & Agriculture Equipment Market in India in 2016-17

12. Identifying the need gap analysis

13. Farm & Agriculture Equipment Market in India by 2024-25

14. PPP Opportunity

15. Statewise PESTEL Analysis to gauge risks to the demand prospects

16. Farm & Agriculture Covered

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