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NEON Biorepository to be Established at Arizona State University


announced today that an agreement has been reached with the Biodiversity
Knowledge Integration Center (BioKIC) and Arizona
State University's Natural History Collections
in Tempe, AZ, to
curate the sample collections from the National
Ecological Observatory Network

Funded by the National Science Foundation, NEON is the first-ever
continental-scale ecological observatory designed to collect and provide
open data to the scientific community for the next 30 years. The NEON
Biorepository plans to curate a collection of whole organisms, tissues,
and environmental samples and substrates that will be available to
researchers for additional study and analysis. The repository
encompasses aquatic and terrestrial samples and specimens collected
during the course of NEON sampling at 81 NEON sites across the
continental U.S. plus Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. For more
information on NEON samples, go to:

All material deposited at ASU will be discoverable via the NEON Data
Portal and a NEON Biorepository data portal to be developed by
ASU, based on the Symbiota software platform:
The priority is to make NEON samples easily discoverable and available
to the research and education communities to advance NEON's mission to
enable continental-scale ecology.

Sample shipments from NEON field sites to ASU will begin in the Fall of
2018. Given the volume of samples that ASU will be accessioning into
their collections during the first year, fulfillment of sample requests
may be delayed. Requests will be evaluated via standard protocols and
evaluation criteria common within the collections community. A system to
request NEON samples from ASU will be made publicly available within the
next few months.

Note that selected specimens will be housed at facilities other than
ASU. Most notably, all of NEON's tick samples are destined for the
Smithsonian's National Tick Collection located at Georgia Southern
University. Requests for these samples should be submitted there. For
more information, go to:

Information regarding samples not available via ASU or the National Tick
Collection will be communicated via the NEON Data Portal and the NEON
project web site.

For more information on the NEON Biorepository, please contact us using
this form:

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