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The Worth of Real World Evidence in Healthcare | A Quantzig Whitepaper


Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their recent whitepaper on the importance
of real world evidence in healthcare

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Real World Evidence Through Advanced Analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

Real World Evidence Through Advanced Analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

Real world evidence (RWE) has become a progressively important
constituent of the drug development process. By acting as a substitute
to conservative randomized clinical trials (RCTs), RWE gathers
supporting outcomes and safety data outside RCTs that provide a more
complete view of a product's real-life therapeutic and economic value to
payers, patients, providers, and sponsors. With the correct data and
advanced analytics support, RWE helps develop a common understanding of
a drug product's effectiveness and safety profile that is used by
healthcare stakeholders to drive decisions.

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"RWE helps in developing a common understanding of a drug product's
efficacy and safety profile, which can be used by healthcare
stakeholders to drive decisions," says
an expert from Quantzig.

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The real worth of RWE in healthcare:

RCT (randomized controlled trials), the gold standard for analyzing
safety and effectiveness before launch, does not provide a full picture
of the efficacy of a new treatment in a real-life environment. As a
result, stakeholders have started looking for data about the complete
patient journey and outcomes. By providing information on both real-life
clinical practice and actual health outcomes of drug products, RWE can
offer commercial insights and broader scientific evidence. Mixing RCTs
and RWE-based approaches could help attain a consistent proof of concept
and a good benefit-risk profile for drive reimbursement, new
pharmaceuticals, and eventually impact provider actions, and patient

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RWD (real world data) combined with big data and advanced analytics
technologies help expand the understanding of treatments and diseases,
recognize risk issues earlier, better direct the design of new products,
and produce evidence for product approval. The complementary data also
helps gain and protect market access, pricing, and reimbursement.
Another analytics application of using RWD is comparative analysis,
which helps in measuring a product's performance compared to substitute
treatment regimens and competitor products in the complex environment of
comorbidities among diverse and largely non-treatment naive populations.

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in healthcare here:

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