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Forever 21 Introduces AI-Powered Visual Search and Navigation from Donde Search


New Technology Makes Online Shopping Easier and More Fun with More
Personalized Recommendations

Forever 21, one of the largest, most widely recognized independent
fashion retailers in the world, is moving beyond text-based online
search to offer shoppers AI-powered visual search and navigation
developed by Donde Search.

Forever 21 shoppers will no longer be limited to searching for a new
look online by typing fashion terms into a search bar. The visual search
and navigation function enables shoppers to search for dresses, pants,
shorts, jeans and tops, and will appear as a stand-alone "Discover Your
Style" module on the Forever 21 web and mobile web homepages. In
addition, Forever 21 will leverage the technology for merchandising,
recommendations and lifecycle marketing efforts.

"Visual search technology bridges the gap between the convenience of
online shopping and the rich discovery experience of traditional retail
by enabling our customers to search for clothing in the same way they
think about it—using visuals, not words," said Alex Ok, President of
Forever 21. "Early data shows that this is one of the most important
innovations in the e-commerce space in recent years. We're excited to
partner with Donde Search and look forward to building on our early
success to develop the world's most intuitive omnichannel shopping

Donde Search launched its B2B platform in 2018 to help retailers solve
product search and merchandising issues, as shoppers report that they
will abandon an e-commerce site if they don't find what they're looking
for within three clicks. The company has attracted investors and
advisors that include senior leaders from AliExpress, BlackRock, Google,
Mobileye, Wanda and Waze. Donde Search's technology uses a proprietary
algorithm that mimics the way shoppers think about products and provides
more relevant recommendations and a better overall experience. The
technology also helps retailers streamline and scale their global
merchandising and categorization efforts by removing local language
barriers associated with text-based classifications.

"As e-commerce's share of retail sales continues to grow, it's more
important than ever that retailers use a universal language that both
shoppers and merchandisers can understand," said Liat Zakay, CEO &
Founder of Donde Search. "Our visual search and navigation solution
helps innovative retailers like Forever 21 eliminate language issues and
improve conversion rates, and we're thrilled to partner with the company
as it transforms the online shopping experience for its customers."

Forever 21 shoppers will now be able to search items by simply clicking
icons that represent the features they want in an outfit, ranging from
the length and fit of a skirt to the neckline and color of a shirt. The
search feature debuted as "Discover Your Style" in the Forever 21 iOS
app on May 18, 2018, and was initially available for the dresses and
tops categories. In the first month after launching the feature, Forever
21 saw an increase in sales conversions and a 20 percent increase in
average purchase value for the two test categories. This initial success
led Forever 21 executives to fast-track the large-scale web integration
of Donde Search's technology, which uses AI, computer vision and natural
language processing to provide shoppers with more relevant search
results, so they can find the exact outfits they're looking for.

"Integrating Donde into our mobile app and web environments has been
seamless and efficient," Alex Ok added. "Fundamentally changing how our
customers search for products and interact with our brand is no small
task, but our partnership with Donde has been everything we could have
hoped for as we build out our visual search capabilities."

About Donde Search

Founded in 2014, Donde Search launched its software-as-a-service
platform for retailers in January 2018. The company's award-winning
technology uses AI, computer vision and natural language processing to
provide intuitive online search capability based on products' visual
features rather than keywords. By integrating Donde Search's technology
into their e-commerce operations, retailers are able to automate
merchandising and product recommendations, react faster to trends,
reduce operational overhead, shorten purchase times, and transform the
online shopping experience for customers. To learn more, visit

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