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Decoding the Future of Retail: What Does the Future Have in Store for Retailers | Infiniti Research


Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions
provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the predictions
transforming the retail industry in 2018

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Into the Future of Retail - What Shopping in the next Decade Will Look Like (Graphic: Business Wire)

Into the Future of Retail - What Shopping in the next Decade Will Look Like (Graphic: Business Wire)

With the retail
steady relocation to platforms other than brick and
mortar, and the modern developments in retail trends, it looks like the
future of retail is all set to reveal a set of new tech trends. These
promising innovations in technology will turn the tables for the
customers' ease of shopping and transform their whole shopping
experience. The consumer retail trends are already changing rapidly and
are prompting several retailers to quickly tap the changing needs and
act consequently. Also, the retail industry is going through an
important change as players in this sector are finding new ways to use
data and intelligence.

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"The retail industry is evolving at an accelerated rate as a result
of the proliferation of technologies and dynamic consumer behavior,"
an industry expert from

Predictions for the future of retail:

  • AR powered shopping decisions: With technologies like AR and VR
    influencing the future of retail, you wouldn't have to leave things to
    your imagination anymore. Actually, AR (augmented reality) helps you
    use a clever mirror or screen to visualize the piece of furniture in
    the store in the room where you want to put it in your house. This
    progressive technology will also allow customers to see how clothes
    would look on them without having to really do multiple trials of
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  • Personalized store experience: Retailers are now considering
    ways to use beacons, IoT devices, and mobile apps to more personalized
    experience to users. These devices will be used to endorse and help
    customers to find the products that would best suit their taste and
    needs. This is one of the retail trends that are sure-shot at
    gathering increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. The use of such
    devices will be an important part of the future of retail. To know
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  • Robots to restock shelves: Quick restocking is one of the main
    issues that retailers face as it becomes hard to endlessly monitor
    retail shelves, particularly in the case of big retail stores. The
    future of retail is determined to eradicate such problems with the
    retail trends such as the use of robots. These robots travel through
    the passages checking for misplaced items and vacant shelf space. They
    then alert employees to order more.
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Listed below are the predictions transforming the retail industry in

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industry in 2018:

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