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Survey Shows Long-Term Data Retention is a Big Headache


Aparavi survey of IT managers shows ‘growing pains' from
unstructured data

Long-term data retention is a long-term problem, according to a recent
survey, and IT pros are contending with growth in unstructured data that
challenges their archive and retention plans.

a Silicon-beach startup in SaaS solutions, surveyed hundreds of IT
managers to find out about their archive, backup, and retention
practices. Respondents represented a range of organizations of varying
sizes, with over 40 percent managing more than 50 terabytes total.

Almost 40 percent reported their unstructured data — documents and other
office files, images, videos, and other files not in a structured
database — is growing at least 25 percent each year, and another 12
percent said growth is more than 50 percent yearly. This growth results
in significant complaints about protection and retention.

The main problem identified by IT managers is long-term retention — more
than 50 percent said it is a challenge, followed closely by cost at 47
percent. Excessive secondary storage growth is itself a problem for more
than 40 percent. Around 20 percent said lack of a cloud-based solution
or being unable to complete backups within the allotted time are

When asked about the specific problems in their long-term retention,
ready access to archive data (41 percent), the cost of their current
solution (39 percent), using conventional backup to meet retention goals
(35 percent), and managing cloud storage growth (27 percent) were most
frequently cited. Accordingly the most desired features in retention are
"intelligent retrieval wherever the data is," named first or second most
important by 39 percent, followed by support for both on-premise and
cloud data stores, ranked first or second by 38 percent.

"Unstructured data growth causes a domino effect in increased
management, cost, and complexity, and these IT pros and many more are
experiencing growing pains," said Aparavi chief marketing officer
Victoria Grey. "Long-term retention at an affordable cost, with the
flexibility to keep archived files accessible no matter where they are
stored, is a requirement for managing data today and forever."

Aparavi Active Archive masters out-of-control unstructured data growth
with data protection, retention and archive. Aparavi slows secondary
storage growth by 75 percent with guaranteed availability regardless of
how long data is retained. The company's SaaS-based solution delivers
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This along with an open data format removes vendor-lock in forever.
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Aparavi, the world's leading SaaS-based Active Archive with built-in
data protection, helps organizations master out of control unstructured
data growth. Delivering both on-premises and multi-cloud mobility,
Aparavi provides true storage independence, and together with an
open-data format removes vendor lock-in, forever. Aparavi delivers huge
savings by slowing secondary storage growth by 75 percent, with
guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained. A
pay-as-you-go model based on usage eliminates up-front expenditures for
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