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Optimized Online Shopping: Elementary for Back to School


Savvy Retailers Know the ‘ABCs of Fall Shopping' Start with
High-Performance Customer Experiences that Convert, Driving Profitable

According to Instart,
the company helping thousands of leading brands around the world deliver
a faster, safer and more profitable digital experience, online retailers
are entering a critical period for 2018 back-to-school shopping. Nearly
$83 billion in sales is at stake, and 55 percent of consumers shopping
for back-to-school items will visit online retailers. In addition,
online shopping is the number one destination (49 percent) for
back-to-college consumers.

As 2018's near-majority of back-to-school shopping goes online,
retailers must find ways to compete, making customer experience and
website performance critical elements of business strategy and
management of a global brand. For traditional retailers which are
pursuing multichannel models, as well as disruptive new challengers, the
difference between success and failure revolves around achieving optimal
online experience, conversions and revenue.

The Digital Experience and Maximizing Online Retailing Success

Retailers must combine a "wow" user experience with fast and reliable
website performance across various platforms and mobile devices.
Instart's data, gleaned from the 60 billion transactions it processes
for thousands of retain brands every day, shows that customers begin to
abandon web pages that don't respond within 3.5 seconds, quickly surfing
or tapping away to a competitor. Retailers that fail to deliver a
high-performance customer experience will suffer in the form of lost
revenue, as well as decreased market share and reduced customer loyalty.

Unfortunately, retailers face a number of additional business and IT
challenges for the back-to-school months and other busy online shopping
seasons. In addition to customer expectations for a fast-loading website
that drives conversions and loyalty, retailers must be vigilant about
maintaining purchase frequency and average order value, as well as
managing images and video for both the best experience and the best

It isn't any easier for IT organizations, which must manage growing
numbers of services, including costly Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
and increasingly complex cloud application infrastructures that have
multiple points of failure. IT must also capture metrics and report back
to the business, as well as manage compliance and security, including
prevention of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Today's
environment of cost and margin pressure also means that IT departments
are continually asked to do more with less and frequently do not have
the time to innovate because they are constantly dealing with software
fixes and operational issues.

The ABCs of Online Performance Management for Back-to-School Retail

For these reasons, online retailers need a platform approach that
enables them to comprehensively and proactively manage the "ABCs" of
website operations for back-to-school shopping – and beyond. By
leveraging a global, cloud-based platform that integrates and connects
cloud, web and mobile applications with consumer end-point devices,
smart retailers can almost instantly improve performance and enhance
digital consumer experience and security, resulting in improved
conversion and higher revenue, as well as the freedom for IT
organizations to pursue higher-value tasks and innovate.

"The back-to-school season presents numerous challenges for retailers.
Many are trying to keep up with the leaders in online commerce but find
themselves mired in operational tasks," commented Instart CEO Sumit
Dhawan. "However, the most innovative companies are responding with a
platform approach that delivers easy-to-manage technology that levels
the playing field. Ultimately, this makes it easier for even small
retailers to achieve performance, revenue, customer experience, and
security that is on par with industry leaders, freeing them from the
drudgery of day-to-day operations."

About Instart

Instart helps thousands of leading brands around the world deliver a
faster, safer and more profitable customer experience through its
revolutionary digital experience cloud. Instart combines machine
learning, application and device awareness, and open APIs with a broad
suite of integrated and automated cloud services, including web and
mobile application performance optimization, image optimization, digital
advertising optimization, web application security, DDOS protection, bot
management and security, and content delivery. Using Instart,
enterprises can provide ultra-fast, visually immersive, amazingly
engaging and highly secure experiences on any device to maximize
revenue, deliver superior customer experience, and gain competitive
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