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Hydrofarm and Bountea Announce Strategic Distribution Partnership


Partnership Positions Hydrofarm and Bountea to Serve the Growing
North American Indoor Horticulture and Cannabis Industries

Hydrofarm, LLC, the leading independent wholesaler and manufacturer of
hydroponics equipment and horticultural products, and Bountea, a leading
provider of bio-organic plant growing solutions, today announced a
strategic distribution partnership to serve the growing indoor
horticulture and legal cannabis industries across North America.

The Bountea Growing System has been tested in the field for more than
twenty years with a proven track record of providing growers a complete
holistic approach to soil fertility and plant vitality. Using a premium
compost tea formulation plus specialty bio-organic nutrients, Bountea
revitalizes soil with essential microbes and minerals, resulting in
plants that grow faster, stronger and healthier.

"Bountea's bio-organic approach to plant growth and soil ecology
delivers significant value to indoor growers who are increasingly
focused on maximizing yield and producing high quality cannabis and
other crops in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible," said
Peter Wardenburg, Chief Executive Officer of Hydrofarm. "Through this
strategic partnership with Bountea, growers across North American will
now have access to the highest quality, most effective products and
plant growing solutions available on the market."

Bountea uses only the highest quality concentrated ingredients,
including a special, ethically harvested microbial starter called Alaska
Humisoil (rather than vermicompost). The Bountea Bioactivator includes
effective proprietary ingredients and every component of the Bountea
system has been formulated to work together synergistically.

"Our partnership with Hydrofarm allows Bountea to significantly increase
the distribution of our plant health products across their ten strategic
North American locations," said Roland Evans, President of Bountea.
"Bountea's products are biologically active and completely natural with
beneficial microorganisms, essential minerals and proprietary
ingredients. No matter what soil type, the microbes, minerals and trace
elements in Bountea ensure soil becomes increasingly fertile with every
application leading to higher quality crops at lower cost to growers."

John Evans, the inventor and developer of the Bountea Growing System,
has grown numerous massive vegetables and thousands of high quality
vegetables with extraordinary nutritional value. Over many years of
exhibiting at the Alaska State Fair, John won 8 World
for giant vegetables, 18 Alaska State records, and over 400
first place awards for quality vegetables.

About Hydrofarm LLC

Hydrofarm is independently owned and is one of the nation's leading
wholesalers and manufacturers of hydroponics equipment and commercial
horticultural products, including high-intensity grow lights, climate
control solutions, and growing media. With an emphasis on excellent
customer service, Hydrofarm has ten distribution centers across North
America to best serve the growing needs of their customers. For
additional information, please visit:

About Bountea

Bountea is
a privately owned company that aims to provide the highest quality, most
effective products and plant growing solutions. We promote what we term
bio-organic approach to plant growth and soil ecology. Our
products are biologically active and completely natural with beneficial
microorganisms, essential minerals and proprietary ingredients. For
additional information, please visit:

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