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Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Automotive Industry, 2018-2028 -


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Manufacturing Opportunities In Automotive - 2018"
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In 2016, the researcher released the most complete and thorough analysis
and forecast of automotive additive manufacturing. Two years later many
new events have continued to propel the use of 3D printing technology
into the future of automotive production. This new 200-page 2018 report
confirms the 2016 forecast, while also expanding it with new high-value
and high-volume applications and technologies that have emerged.

Automotive industry stakeholders worldwide are now racing toward full
industrialization and integration of the AM process within their
end-to-end production workflow, beginning with software and materials,
passing through the actual AM hardware, and ending with services and a
growing number of possible applications. 3D printing is thus well
positioned to expand its use as the primary technology for automotive
prototyping as well as tooling, while also establishing a stronger than
ever opportunity for serial and mass customized part production.

This third dedicated study of automotive additive manufacturing expands
coverage to consider the greater long term potential for additive
manufacturing as a key production technology for the massive global
automotive industry, paving the way to widespread adoption of both metal
and polymer AM technologies.

This is by far the most extensive exploration of where the opportunities
will be found in automotive additive manufacturing for prototypes, tools
and final parts in the next decade.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter One: Automotive Additive Manufacturing is Coming of Age

  • Automotive as the Inflection Point for AM
  • The Global AM Automotive Market Today
  • Geographic Considerations for Automotive AM Applications
  • Material Factors
  • Software Factors: The Drive for More AM Automation and Networking
  • Primary AM Application Segments in Automotive
  • Most Influential Alliances in Automotive AM
  • Forecasting in this Report

Chapter Two: AM Technologies and Their Applications in Automotive

  • Metal AM Technologies Moving into Production
  • Thermopolymer AM Technologies Used in the Automotive Segment
  • Photopolymer-based AM Technologies Used in Automotive
  • Forecast of Professional AM Hardware Demand and Sales in Automotive
  • Low-cost Technologies
  • Forecast for Low-cost AM Hardware in Automotive
  • Composites
  • Ten-year Forecast for AM Hardware in the Automotive Segment

Chapter Three: Materials and Software for Automotive Manufacturing

  • Polymers and Composites Used In Automotive Part Production
  • Metals and Alloys used in automotive part production
  • Ten-year Forecast for Materials in Automotive AM
  • Regional Distribution of AM Materials for Automotive Applications
  • Types of AM Software for Automotive AM
  • AM-Specific Software Capabilities to Benefit Automotive
  • Ten-year Software Forecast

Chapter Four: Services and Applications for Automotive Part Production
by AM

  • AM Service Bureaus Providing Automotive Production Capabilities
  • Ten-year Forecast for AM Services
  • Relevant AM Applications Case Histories in Automotive
  • AM for Final Parts Production
  • Ten-year Forecast for AM in Final Parts Automotive Production

Companies Mentioned

  • Autodesk
  • BMW
  • Carbon
  • Cincinnati Inc
  • Daimler
  • Desktop Metal
  • Divergent
  • EOS
  • Ford
  • GM
  • IBM
  • PSA
  • SLM Solutions (Audi)
  • Siemens
  • Stratasys

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