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Let GEICO Help You Have the "Safe Driving" Talk During Back-to-School Season


As schools go back into session, GEICO
wants to help new drivers stay safe during their commutes to class. With
the new school year, traffic patterns change and there are unanticipated
challenges to watch out for on the road, so here are five tips to help
you coach your new driver through the changing traffic scene.


Expect the unexpected: Those familiar roads present new
obstacles when school starts up. Keep alert for small kids who may
not cross in crosswalks, or school busses that have stop signs
fully extended (since stopping applies to ALL lanes of traffic).


"Early" is the new "on time": Building in a little extra
time for the morning drive means there's less stress and less
impulse to speed or drive through yellow lights.


Remove distractions: Eyes on the road, phone put away, and
attention on the surroundings. And don't forget to buckle up, even
if you're only going a short distance!


Get enough rest: The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention recommends teens get at least 8 hours of sleep and
warns that drowsy driving can significantly slow reaction times.


Watch out for school zones: Be aware of speed limits,
follow directions from crossing guards, slow down near schools,
and look out for kids walking.

Even experienced motorists have issues this time of year, so all drivers
-- not just teens -- should take extra time and be extra cautious. The
ABC's of good driving start with "Always Be Careful!"

For more safe driving tips, visit the car
safety page
 on the GEICO
content hub.

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