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United States Pet Oral Care Services and Products Markets, 2018 Report - Estimates Total 2017 Sales at $5.2 billion -


The "Pet
Oral Care Services and Products in the U.S., 3rd Edition"

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Pet Oral Care Services and Products in the U.S., 3rd Edition, explores
the latest trends in the pet oral care/dental hygiene market,
highlighting opportunities in both the services market and the oral care
products category.

The report analyzes how trends such as humanization and wellness are
driving market innovation, and identifies opportunities for marketers
and oral care service providers now and into the future. With a focus on
dogs and cats, Pet Oral Care Services and Products in the U.S. provides
market sizing and projections for pet oral care/dental hygiene services
and product sales within the context of a broader pet market overview.

Tracking growth from 2012 through 2022, the report estimates total 2017
sales at $5.2 billion, breaking out historical and projected sales for
both services and products. On the services side, the report examines
veterinary channel trends, including usage and cost trends, safety
issues, and industry regulation.

On the products side, the report analyzes trends in marketing and new
products including natural and breath-freshening products, as well as
retail channel trends and private-label activity.

Market Size and Composition

  • Pet Oral Care Market Tops $5 Billion
  • U.S. Retail Sales of Pet Oral Care Services and Products, 2012 vs.
    2017 vs. 2022 (in millions of dollars)
  • Oral Care Services Estimated at $4.2 Billion
  • Pet Oral Care Services Share by Animal Type
  • Retail Product Sales Estimated at $960 Million
  • Treats and Chews Account for Majority of Sales
  • Pet Oral Care Product Sales by Retail Channel
  • Pet Oral Care Product Sales Share by Animal Type

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

  • Market Overview
  • Pet Oral Care Products
  • Pet Oral Care Services
  • Sales Growth Opportunities

2. Market Overview

  • Chapter Highlights
  • Introduction
  • Market Size and Composition
  • Market Drivers
  • The Pet Oral Care Consumer

3. Pet Oral Care Services

  • Chapter Highlights
  • Veterinary Oral Care Services
  • Dental Services from Other Pet Care Professionals

4. Pet Oral Care Products

  • Chapter Highlights
  • Product Overview
  • Oral Care Product Marketers
  • Retailing Oral Care/Dental Hygiene Products
  • Dental Chews and Treats
  • Dental Foods
  • Teeth Cleaning Aids
  • Non-Edible Chew Products

Companies Mentioned

  • AVMA
  • Banfield
  • Independent Pet
  • Pet Specialty Retail Outlets
  • PetSmart
  • Petco
  • VCA Veterinary Dental Services
  • VOHC
  • Virbac

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