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The Future of African Backbone & Metro Fibre Networks, 2018 Market Report -


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Future of African Backbone & Metro Fibre Networks"
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For the past two decades, the availability of affordable terrestrial
fibre capacity has been one of the biggest obstacles to the development
of the African Internet, a problem so complex few markets have managed
to solve it, and many despairingly looked like they never might.

There is now urgency. Long regarded as an established, if not crippling
feature in the structure of the African Internet, the terrestrial fibre
gap was increasingly looking like a systemic digital development risk.
Things are changing. The need to support 4G and FTTH network coverage
and prepare for 5G is transforming metro capacity requirements.

Data center operators, cloud providers and global hyperscale Internet
companies are upending demand models. Private fibrecos such as Liquid
Telecom are building extensive cross-country fibre networks. Others,
like Dark Fibre Africa and CSquared, are reimagining African metro fibre
models and upsetting traditional pricing approaches. And a wide array of
China-funded fibre backbone projects are transforming the African
wholesale fibre landscape.

This report is the outcome of years of accumulated research, data, and
insights, provides an unprecedented view into the dynamics underpinning
the African terrestrial fibre market. It is also about how, and where to
generate investor value in this mishmash of opportunity and risk. And
finally, and perhaps, most of all, it is about whether Africa will, at
last, solve the mother of all bottlenecks, and what this means for
individual countries' ability to partake in the next industrial

A reference report for all stakeholders and investors in the African
connectivity and Internet infrastructure markets.

Key Topics Covered:

Introduction: Solving The Mother Of All Bottlenecks

Executive Summary

Part 1 - Of Supply & Demand For African Terrestrial Fibre

African Fibre Demand: Building For 4G, Preparing For 5G

African Fibre Demand: Alternative Networks, Hyperscale Internet And The

Part 2 - Investing In African Terrestrial Fibre

Investing In African Fibre: Which Markets Have The Most Upside?

Investing In African Fibre: The Rise Of The Metronet

Investing In African Terrestrial Fibre - The Players

Part 3 - Addressing Some Pressing, And Vexing Questions

African Terrestrial Fibre: A Case Of Private Sector Failure?

Are Government Backbones The Solution?

Part 4 - Country Focus Analysis

South Africa - Fibre Consolidation Is Coming

Nigeria - Will This (Potential) Fibre Giant Ever Rise?

Zambia - Small, With Upside

Companies Mentioned

  • Airtel
  • Axione
  • BCN Nigeria
  • BCS
  • Broadband Infraco
  • Broadbased Nigeria
  • Camtel
  • Cell C
  • Csquared
  • Dark Fibre Africa
  • Facebook
  • FibreCo
  • Fibrecom
  • Huawei
  • I H S
  • Liquid Telecom
  • MainOne
  • Maroc Telecom
  • MTN
  • Orange
  • Phase III
  • SCPT
  • Seacom
  • Soliton Telmec
  • Telkom SA
  • Vodacom
  • Zamtel

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