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SailPoint's IdentityIQ Tames the Tsunami of Bots, Apps and Cloud Infrastructures


Latest Release of IdentityIQ Further Extends Identity Governance for
AWS and SAP Environments

Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:
SAIL), the leader in enterprise identity
, continues to drive innovation with IdentityIQ™ to help
organizations embrace the new
frontiers in identity governance
, which address the explosion of new
users, applications and data driven by digital transformation. With
IdentityIQ 7.3, SailPoint expands the definition of identities beyond
humans, providing the ability to govern non-human identities such as
software bots, including robotic process automation (RPA) bots. With the
new IdentityIQ Accelerator Pack, SailPoint enables organizations to
rapidly onboard the thousands of applications their business users now
rely on into IdentityIQ, significantly accelerating their identity
governance deployment and time-to-value. IdentityIQ 7.3 also deepens the
functionality for governing access to mission-critical Amazon Web
Services (AWS) and SAP environments, ensuring they are secured in the
same way as the rest of an organization's infrastructure.

Enterprises are increasingly relying on software bots and other types of
non-human identities to drive business efficiencies and to keep pace
with digital transformation. Until now, these bots have largely been
left unmanaged by identity governance programs, leaving organizations
exposed to security and compliance risks. Now, IdentityIQ enables
organizations to govern bots and their access to all enterprise
applications and data by enforcing processes like requesting, approving
and certifying access as well as extending access-based policy
definitions to these non-human users.

"We continue to see an increase in the usage of bots in our IT
environment and it is important to be able to manage and govern them
just as we manage and govern their human counterparts," said Sheri
Munro, Director, Security Operations, Enterprise Technology & Services,
Manulife. "These technologies create operational efficiencies for us,
but we must incorporate them into our identity governance strategy to
ensure we remain secure and compliant."

IdentityIQ's new Accelerator Pack empowers enterprises to rapidly scale
their implementation across the increasingly broad and hybrid
application environment. Through pre-configured options and best
practice use cases, enterprises can now onboard new applications and
configure governance processes in a matter of hours versus weeks. The
Accelerator Pack also allows business analysts to easily take on the
technical tasks of an IdentityIQ deployment, significantly decreasing
the time and cost to deploy and reducing the need for highly technical
identity governance resources. Importantly, the Accelerator Pack
provides "break-glass" functionality and allows organizations to take
instant, targeted action in the event of a data breach, immediately
terminating an identity and re-provisioning access once it has been
determined a threat no longer exists.

"Reducing the time and effort it takes to onboard applications is
essential in helping us scale to meet the demands of our business
effectively," said Stuart Harrison, Chief Information Security Officer
of Medibank. "Traditionally, identity governance integration can take
many weeks per application, however with the IdentityIQ Accelerator
Pack, we'll be able to extend our identity governance implementation to
many applications far more rapidly as a result of this more streamlined
implementation approach."

IdentityIQ 7.3 features advanced governance capabilities that extend
identity governance lifecycle and compliance management capabilities in
mission-critical AWS and SAP environments. Now, AWS environments are
secured and governed with IdentityIQ in the same manner as the rest of
an enterprise's infrastructure, including certification reviews, access
requests and the creation and enforcement of separation-of-duty (SoD)
policies. Additionally, IdentityIQ now provides advanced SAP
administrator tools designed to provide deep visibility and controls
into organizational data and enable the creation of SoD policies
leveraging granular SAP attributes.

"Enterprises are facing evolving risks today. From costly data breaches
and failing to meet regulatory compliance mandates to digital
transformation fueled by cloud services and new intelligent bots – the
list is long and growing. The way in which enterprises manage identities
must adapt to address these risks," said Paul Trulove, Chief Product
Officer, SailPoint. "SailPoint is leading identity governance into the
next frontier helping organizations secure and enable the digital
identities of all users, both human and non-human, across all
applications – on-premises or in the cloud – and all data whether
structured or unstructured. We're committed to driving innovation that
helps organizations embrace these new frontiers in identity, while
simultaneously helping accelerate the tangible business benefits from
their identity program."

Additional features in IdentityIQ 7.3 include:

  • Deeper integration with privileged account management vendors
    including CyberArk and BeyondTrust through SailPoint's open identity
    platform, which ensures consistent governance policies across all
    types of access.
  • A streamlined access certification process that allows non-technical
    business users to easily create robust and targeted certifications
    utilizing simple business language and an easy-to-follow interface.

To learn more about how IdentityIQ 7.3 can help your organization
embrace the next frontiers in identity governance, join our webinar, "Taming
the Tsunami of Bots, Apps, and Cloud using the Power of Identity
" on
Thursday, September 13 at 11 a.m. CT.

SailPoint: The Power of Identity™

SailPoint, the leader in enterprise identity governance, brings the
Power of Identity to customers around the world. SailPoint's open
identity platform gives organizations the power to enter new markets,
scale their workforces, embrace new technologies, innovate faster and
compete on a global basis. As both an industry pioneer and market leader
in identity governance, SailPoint delivers security, operational
efficiency and compliance to enterprises with complex IT environments.
SailPoint's customers are among the world's largest companies in a wide
range of industries, including: 7 of the top 15 banks, 4 of the top 6
healthcare insurance and managed care providers, 9 of the top 15
property and casualty insurance providers, 5 of the top 15
pharmaceutical companies, and 11 of the largest 15 federal agencies.

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