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A Store Without Technology Will Be A Store Without Customers: Retail Immediacy is Critical


Mobile technology is transforming the Australian retail experience

Australian consumers want a faster in-store retail experience
complemented by customer-service enhancing technologies, according to a
survey conducted by SOTI, the world's most trusted provider of mobile
and IoT device management solutions. The international research, which
surveyed consumers in Australia, North America, the UK, and Europe,
delivered some surprising results.

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A Store Without Technology Will Be A Store Without Customers: Retail Immediacy is Critical (Photo: B ...

A Store Without Technology Will Be A Store Without Customers: Retail Immediacy is Critical (Photo: Business Wire)

Immediacy is critical for retailers

The importance of ‘immediacy' is critical to physical retail stores
today, with the research finding that 64% of consumers choose to visit a
store to buy a product there and then.

"Above all, consumers want in-store technology that saves them time,"
said Michael Dyson, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand, SOTI.
"Retailers need to understand that consumers are shopping differently
than before, and technology needs to be integrated to meet their needs
and desire for convenience."

To make the acquisition of goods as efficient as possible, Australian
consumers prefer stores that incorporate technologies that automate the
purchasing process. More than half (52%) of respondents indicated a
preference for retail stores that incorporated self-service technologies
which made retail purchases faster and easier. A further 36.78% of
consumers highlighted a preference for stores with queue-busting
technologies like mobile payment devices, to avoid checkout congestion.

There is also a clear preference in the types of technologies shoppers
want to use in physical stores, with research finding that over 65% of
local consumers prefer self-checkout. This was followed by consumers
wanting other technologies available including digital devices to check
product pricing (43%), digital kiosks where you can check product
information and location in store (37%) and digital devices to check
inventories in the current and other stores (25%).

Adoption of in-store technology

According to the survey, over half of Australian consumers (56%) would
be comfortable to shop in a store that only supported online or card
payment (no cash) today, with just 18% indicating they would not shop in
such a retail store. However, while Australians are embracing cashless
shopping, almost half of consumers (45%) would not be comfortable
shopping in stores that offered only self-service technologies and
without support staff.

Interestingly, the UK survey found that 80% of UK consumers would be
comfortable in a retail setting where only self-checkout was available,
and the US survey found that 77% would be comfortable with this.

"Australian shoppers are increasingly comfortable making electronic
in-store purchases today to expedite the shopping experience. However,
while other global markets appear very open to fully automated retail
experiences, many Australians still show a preference for human
interaction when they visit a store," said Michael.

Why Australians go in-store

While online shopping continues to grow in popularity, for the majority
of Australian consumers, physical retail stores still have their place
as part of the shopping experience.

When asked what they value most about visiting a physical retail store,
over 71% of respondents said that being able to see, touch and feel the
product they were shopping for was still an important factor. And second
to that was being able to try on and test the product (69%).

Technology delivers a better in-store experience

Beyond delivering a more efficient retail experience, Australians prefer
in-store retail environments that utilise technology to enhance the
customer experience.

When it comes to which type of mobile technology consumers consider to
make their shopping experience better, 45% highlighted handheld mobile
devices provided by store associates that can display stock balance,
pricing, stock levels online or at other stores. Consumer surveys
conducted by SOTI in the US and the UK found even stronger preferences
for instore technology, with 76% of US consumers and 69% of UK consumers
indicating they had a better in-store experience when technology was


SOTI surveyed 503 consumers across Australia, 565 from the US and 1,000
from the UK / Europe.

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