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Taconic Biosciences Partners With Science Exchange to Offer Online Access to its Products and Services


Science Exchange, the leading marketplace for outsourced R&D™,
announced today a partnership with Taconic
, one of the world's foremost providers of genetically
engineered rodent models and services, to offer on-demand access to
Taconic's entire portfolio of products and services to researchers

Founded in 1952, Taconic is one of the most experienced rodent model
design and breeding companies in the industry. The company offers a
range of products and services from cryopreserved models to custom model
generation solutions. Leveraging the most comprehensive model generation
toolkit, Taconic employs all major gene-editing technologies including
homologous recombination, pronuclear injection (PNI), shRNAi, CRISPR,
and Easi-CRISPR. Accessing this variety of tools allows Taconic to
provide the best model generation solutions by employing a gene-editing
technology that best suits each customers' needs.

Taconic recently added an innovative Easi-CRISPR technology to its
gene-modifying toolkit by acquiring a worldwide, non-exclusive license
from the University of Nebraska. Easi-CRISPR is an improved gene-editing
technology that supports the specific insertion of large segments of
exogenous DNA, generating knock-in mice for some applications much more
efficiently than CRISPR or standard gene targeting methods.

"Science Exchange offers a great way to access outsourced R&D services
for most of the top R&D organizations," said John Couse, Ph.D., VP of
Scientific Services at Taconic Biosciences. "This partnership supports
Taconic's mission of providing our customers with the best solution by
giving the global life science community instant access to our

"We are thrilled to join forces with Taconic Biosciences," stated
Elizabeth Iorns, PhD, founder and CEO of Science Exchange. "Taconic is
an industry leader in the creation of custom rodent models for drug

About Science Exchange

Science Exchange is the world's leading marketplace for outsourced
, providing large R&D organizations with the fastest path
from discovery through development and commercialization. Science
Exchange includes an efficient source-to-secure platform for ordering
6,000+ services from a network of more than 2,500 qualified outsourced
research providers, all with pre-established contracts in place that
protect client intellectual property and confidentiality. The platform
increases access to innovation and improves productivity, freeing
scientists from administrative tasks and delays associated with
sourcing, establishing and managing service provider contracts.
Additionally, the Science Exchange enterprise program enables large R&D
organizations to consolidate research outsourcing spend into a single
strategic relationship, driving efficiency, improving transparency and
oversight, and delivering cost savings. Since being founded in 2011,
Science Exchange has raised more than $58 million from Norwest Venture
Partners, Maverick Capital Ventures, Union Square Ventures,
Collaborative Fund, Index Ventures, OATV, the YC Continuity Fund, and
others. For more information, visit
Follow the company on Twitter @ScienceExchange,
and LinkedIn.

About Taconic Biosciences, Inc.

Taconic Biosciences is a fully-licensed, global leader in genetically
engineered rodent models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic provides
the best animal solutions so that customers can acquire, custom
generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute valuable research
models worldwide. Specialists in genetically engineered mouse and rat
models, precision research mouse models, and integrated model design and
breeding services, Taconic operates three service laboratories and six
breeding facilities in the U.S. and Europe, maintains distributor
relationships in Asia and has global shipping capabilities to provide
animal models almost anywhere in the world.

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