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The Top Supermarket Chains in Kenya 2018 - Featuring Carrefour, Choppies, Naivas, Nakumatt, and Shoprite -


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Top Supermarket Chains in Kenya"
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This report provides the most up to date analysis of the leading
supermarket chains in Kenya, where recent developments have shaken the
grocery retail landscape. It analyses the winners and losers in the
supermarket sector and what it means for the future of grocery retail in

Reasons to Buy:

  • Identify the market leaders in the Kenyan supermarket sector.
  • Quantify the number of stores, floorspace and position of the top
    supermarket chains.
  • Understand how top supermarket chains compete against one another.
  • Assess the size of the supermarket sector and its growth.
  • Analyze the market opportunity and future outlook for supermarket
    retailers in Kenya.


  • Kenya is one of the most developed and modern grocery retail markets
    in Sub Saharan Africa.
  • The demise of dominant domestic retailers has opened space for
    international retailers, including Shoprite and Carrefour, who will
    radically change the landscape in the short-term.
  • The major battleground for the mid-term will be outside Nairobi, but
    in the short term we forecast intense competition in Nairobi

Key Questions Answered

  • Who are the leading supermarket chains in Kenya?
  • What share of the market do they take?
  • Which supermarket chains are expanding most?
  • How do leading chains compare against one another?
  • What is the national penetration of the leading supermarket chains?
  • Which segments does each chain operate in?
  • Who are the future winners and losers?

Companies Featured

  • Carrefour
  • Choppies
  • Naivas
  • Nakumatt
  • Shoprite

Key Topics Covered

1. Supermarkets In Kenya

2. The Top Supermarket Chains In Kenya

3. Supermarket Store Networks

4. Modern Grocery Retail Floorspace

5. Positioning of Leading Supermarket Chains

6. Supermarket Chains In & Outside Nairobi

7. Key Findings & Future Outlook

  • Foreign Retailers are Going to Squeeze Domestic Players
  • Outside Nairobi is the Mid-Term Battleground
  • Format Diversification, Franchising and the Value Sector
  • Market Gaps and Future Outlook

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