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FCNL Decries Rollback of Obama-Era Clean Power Plan


The Quaker lobby, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)
strongly opposes revisions to the Clean Power Plan. Today, the Trump
Administration announced its draft plan to replace the Obama-era plan
with the Affordable Clean Energy rule.

"We are profoundly disappointed with the Affordable Clean Energy rule,"
said Diane Randall, Executive Secretary for FCNL. "By weakening the
rule, the Trump Administration is threatening public health, risking
lives, and exacerbating climate change."

The climate crisis places a disproportionate burden on women and
children, communities of color, low-income communities, and tribal
nations both in the US and globally. The Clean Power Plan would have
reduced emissions from electricity generation by 32 percent below 2005
levels by 2030, as originally written by President Obama's
administration. It was the strongest action ever taken by a U.S.
president to address human caused emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Trump Administration's Affordable Clean Energy rule demonstrates a
frightening disregard for scientific fact and a clear prioritization of
the interests of oil and gas companies. The new plan would considerably
weaken the Clean Power Plan by allowing states to decide how and if they
want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the efficiency of
coal-fired power plants.

According to the EPA's own technical analysis of the Affordable Clean
Energy rule, carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants will continue
to increase. The Clean Power Plan would have helped prevent up to 3,600
premature deaths each year. Conversely, the Trump EPA predicts that up
to 1,400 premature deaths will occur annually by 2030 because of
increased air particulates, based on proposed Affordable Clean Energy
implementation plans.

"As people of faith, we have a moral calling to be faithful stewards of
God's creation and care for vulnerable peoples, but this new plan will
do the exact opposite," said Emily Wirzba, FCNL's Legislative
Representative for Sustainable Energy & Environment. "The recent
wildfires, hurricanes, and floods that are devastating communities
around the country paint a clear picture: the impacts of climate change
are already happening and causing irreparable harm."

FCNL urges the President to work within his administration and with
Congress to develop and implement bipartisan solutions that will reduce
emissions, protect public health, and care for the most vulnerable

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Founded in 1943 by members of the Religious Society of Friends
(Quakers), FCNL lobbies Congress and the administration for U.S.
policies that advance peace, justice, and good government.

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