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2018 Global Healthcare Licensing - Trends: By Region (Europe) Mid-Year Review -


The "Global
Healthcare Licensing - Global Trends: By Region (Europe) Mid-Year Review"

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This mid-year review report provides comprehensive analysis on all such
licensing deals and negotiations that took place between healthcare
companies of Europe during January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, categorized
and summarized by various important aspects such as key countries,
healthcare sub-sector, market capitalization groups, medicine groups,
licensing payment arrangements, worldwide vs domestic licensing, and R&D
vs commercialization licensing.

Such detailed analysis helps to understand the licensing trends and
directions during this time period in the healthcare segments of Europe.

Key Features

  • 6 months' healthcare licensing transactions of Europe analyzed at one
  • Small, medium and big multinational/non-multinational companies covered
  • Curated categorizations of licensing details
  • 8+ variables reflecting different forms of transactions done
  • Licensing trends and directions summarized

Key Analysis Provided

  • Total number of licensing deals signed by companies of Europe
  • Total number of companies/institutes of Europe involved in the
    licensing deals
  • Most licensing deals signed by companies of which sub-industry within
    healthcare sector
  • Most licensing deals signed by which country's companies
  • Most licensing deals signed by which market capitalization group's
  • Most licensing deals signed by which medicine groups
  • Licensing payment arrangements most followed in the licensing deals
  • Number of domestic and worldwide licensing
  • Number of R&D and commercialization licensing

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