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Built on Vision Announces First Cloud-Based Schedule Calculation Engine


New, Proprietary Calculation Intelligent Algorithm Provides
Groundbreaking Accuracy

Software company Built On Vision is proud to announce the inclusion of a
new, proprietary advanced calculation intelligent algorithm in its
self-titled software. Built On Vision's software is the first and only
cloud-based project management and controls software for construction
and other industries. This new smart algorithm, along with many new
innovations, overcomes a longstanding problem for scheduling software.
The scheduling calculation engine Built On Vision announces today also
solves a major challenge for construction, oil, manufacturing, and other

Currently, the leading scheduling applications apply only hour or day as
the calculation base. Furthermore, they do not allow users the ability
to shape schedule unit fraction behavior. As such, expressing the
results in anything other than the calculation base unit triggers
several issues, which in many cases materially affects schedule and
result accuracy. Even though most scheduling applications "display" the
output in a variety of units and decimal places, this is only as a
matter of output formatting, and not calculation.

With Built On Vision, project managers may successfully schedule event
sequences and understand and plan for the true impact of delays before
they ever occur. The new calculation engine completes in minutes the
complex "what if" analysis that project managers would need to conduct
manually and with great, extremely time-consuming effort.

Software features include:

  • Accepting multiple input parameters for precise schedule calculation
  • Substituting data values from other schedules into calculation runs
  • Saving multiple calculation runs per schedule, for advanced
    comparisons and analysis
  • An exclusive duration rounding and handling options, for the most
    accurate results
  • Smooth use of data to output accurate start and finish dates and times

Built On Vision impacts both planning and forensics, with more accurate
cash flow analysis, with more accurate cash flow analysis. The
proprietary advanced calculation intelligent algorithm will now allow
users to overcome the most significant obstacles presented by commonly
used software, namely: limitations on mobile use, delays in
incorporating new or active project data, imprecise time unit
measurement, and associated computation inaccuracies.

Using Built On Vision, project managers can update and share data
immediately, whether on PC, Mac, or mobile devices, from wherever they
are. They can also expect much faster and lower-cost deployment of their
software, which automatically synchronizes data for large,
geographically dispersed projects. From a scheduling perspective, Built
On Vision's ability to process time units successfully has never been
offered before.

Michael S. Saddik, CEO of Built on Vision, says , "For our customers,
every minute has a high cost. The ability to have more accurate insight
into how time is planned and spent, and the associated accuracy of cash
flow and project management, has major implications for not only
individual project success, but their bottom line."

The accuracy of Built On Vision's time unit handling provides users with
a completely new level of reliability, consistency, and scalability. For
scheduling, this can result in greater legal defensibility. The software
is in use on numerous large construction projects globally.

Built On Vision was founded in 2015 by
a group of software engineers and construction experts determined to
fill the gaps in project controls analysis tools. Today, the software
can be used by construction, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, aerospace,
defense, engineering, and other industries managing large capital
investment projects. Hailed a "crystal ball for construction" by
Constructech Magazine, Built On Vision's cloud-based project portfolio
management software integrates data from scheduling software,
traditional ERP and job costing systems, providing project managers and
other users with the ability to instantly access to deeper details on
cost drivers and associations; real time analyses of costs, cash flow,
and forecast stability; remote collaboration; cost/revenue item
association with schedule activities; and much more. Built On Vision,
based in Laguna Beach, CA, is a Red Herring Top 100 Global Award Winner.
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