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PRIDE Industries Receives Grant From Bank of America to Help Fund Support Services and Vocational Training


PRIDE Industries (PRIDE) is pleased to announce it has received a
$25,000 grant from Bank of America to help support job coaching services
and paid work experience for individuals with disabilities.

PRIDE is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to creating employment
opportunities for people with disabilities.

Through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc., Bank of America
(BoA) provides support to those organizations providing crucial services
and programs in the communities served by the financial group.

"Bank of America is a long-time supporter of PRIDE's mission to create
jobs for people with disabilities," Michael Ziegler, CEO of PRIDE
Industries says. "This grant will enable us to support eight job seekers
with disabilities. Funds will help these individuals overcome barriers
to employment or gain vocational training through PRIDE Ascend."

For people with disabilities, a paycheck means much more than a
paycheck. Through employment, individuals gain higher self-esteem,
expand social capital and improve their ability to become
self-sufficient. As a result, decreasing their reliance on social

PRIDE in partnership with BoA, simultaneously, striving to generate a
positive impact on the economic well-being of individuals with
disabilities. Together, creating employment opportunities for people
with disabilities. As a person is gainfully employed, the job becomes a
catalyst for accomplishing their goals and aspirations – purchasing a
car, moving out into an independent living situation, or helping their
family - all while contributing to the economy as tax-payers.

With a history spanning over 50-years, PRIDE Industries operates in 14
states and the nation's capital, employing more than 5,700 people,
including 3,300 individuals with disabilities.

About PRIDE Industries:

PRIDE Industries is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating
employment opportunities for people with disabilities with expertise
providing facility operations and maintenance services, custodial
services, contract manufacturing, supply chain management, and
fulfillment services to companies nationwide. To learn more, visit:

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