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New eBook Teaches the Wheels Assessment Training (W.A.T.) Formula for Business Success


I'M NOT MAD AT YOU releases eBook detailing the W.A.T. process

Dallas-based business consulting firm I'M
announced today the release of their new eBook, "Build
a Better Business with W.A.T.,"
available for download
on their website.

The eBook reveals their formula for business success using their W.heels
A.ssessment T.raining program, called W.A.T., inspired by the Wheel of
Life. The Wheel of Life is widely used to assess the eight main
attributes of an individual's life - and to then identify areas that can
be improved. In a similar fashion, W.A.T. is used to evaluate and
quickly assess businesses for their management, products, services,
leadership, and more. For example, two-thirds of CEOs do not receive
outside advice on their leadership skills, creating blind spots that can
have negative effects on business success and team strength.

"We use W.A.T. to evaluate companies, managers, employees, leaders,
products or services effectively, efficiently and accurately," said
Founder & Chief Belief Officer Stacey
. "Using the data we gather, we can recommend solutions that
will greatly improve operational processes, sales, productivity,
communication and much more. Our goal is help build a better business,
improve profitability and impact the bottom-line."

With a focus on serving companies with annual revenue up to $50 million,
I'M NOT MAD AT YOU addresses hundreds of business problems every day.
Their philosophy centers around two critical components of success:
belief and support.

"Belief is the single most important factor to achieving success," said
Bullman. "Once belief is present, plans and strategies can be
implemented to accomplish just about anything."


I'M NOT MAD AT YOU LLC was created to help companies, their employees
and leaders identify their challenges, address their problems and
inspire businesses and people to be BETTER. Led by its Founder & Chief
Belief Officer Stacey Bullman, the firm serves as a change agent – a
hybrid between a business consultant and a performance coach – to enact
business transformations that maximize performance and improve the
bottom-line. In order to help companies and people overcome obstacles,
hurdles or challenges, you must begin with brutal honesty to clearly
define any obstacles that stand in the way. For more information, please
and follow us on Twitter
or Facebook,
or LinkedIn.

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