Market Overview

Bandura Announces $4 Million in Series A Funding


Investment to Accelerate Growth, Fuel Marketing and Sales Efforts,
and Validates Company's Approach to the Emerging Threat Intelligence
Gateway Marketplace

Bandura, which pioneered the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) industry
in part with the U.S. Department of Defense, today announced it has
completed a Series A round, securing $4 million in financing led
by Grotech Ventures, Gula Tech Adventures, Maryland Venture Fund, and
Cultivation Capital. This strategic funding will strengthen Bandura's
position as a leader in the emerging Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG)
marketplace. The Bandura TIG is purpose-built to filter
network traffic against large volumes of threat intelligence indicators,
better protecting networks from the massive volume of known threats.

At any moment, tens of millions of known malicious IP addresses and
domains are attacking organizations. These threats are dynamic and
everchanging and, while there is a significant volume of actionable
threat intelligence that can be used to detect and block the threats,
firewalls can manage only a very limited number of threat indicators.
The result is security coverage gaps, alert fatigue, staff overload,
inefficient use of expensive firewall resources, and suboptimal return
on existing security investments.

"Firewalls are getting crushed by the sheer volume of threats that hit
organizations industry-wide every day," said Chris Fedde, CEO of
Bandura. "And, while external threat intelligence is available, most
companies lack the staff and resources to effectively and efficiently
operationalize it. The Bandura TIG complements the firewall, enabling
companies of all sizes to use threat intelligence without limits in an
easy and automated way. We are grateful for the support of our investors
and believe it is a testament to our work redefining the industry's use
of threat intelligence from reactive detection and response to proactive

Bandura pioneered the concept of a TIG in part through its work with the
U.S. Department of Defense several years ago. With over 50 issued and
pending patents, the company continues to offer the most comprehensive,
scalable, and granular TIG platform on the market. The Bandura PoliWall
TIG can process over 100 million unique threat intelligence
indicators (IP addresses and domains) at line speed ahead of a user's
firewall. Able to filter both inbound and outbound traffic, Bandura
enables organizations to better protect their networks from threats
including network probes and scans, malware, command and control,
botnets, ransomware, and other threats, mitigating the risk of breaches
and sensitive data exfiltration.

"We partner with innovative cybersecurity technology companies who are
bringing fresh ideas and unconventional approaches to tackle the large
and growing cybersecurity challenge," said Steve Fredrick, General
Partner at Grotech Ventures. "Bandura offers such innovation by
empowering organizations with the most comprehensive and advanced IP
threat protection available."

Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder of Gula Tech Adventures and
Co-Founder of Tenable, adds, "Bandura is a prime example of an
innovative next-generation cybersecurity company and we are excited to
join them on their mission to educate organizations on how to take
action with threat intelligence. Their success so early on in the game
validates the benefits Bandura's solution offers."

Bandura delivers the threat intelligence automation and control needed
for companies of all sizes to block known threats at massive scale, take
action with threat intelligence, and maximize existing security
resources. To learn more about Bandura, please visit

About Bandura

Bandura pioneered the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) in part with the
U.S. Department of Defense. Bandura's PoliWall TIG is the most
comprehensive, scalable and granular TIG platform on the market.
Organizations worldwide use TIGs for the automation and control needed
to operationalize millions of threat indicators blocking known threats
before they even reach the network firewall. Underlying Bandura's robust
technology are more than 50 issued and pending patents. To learn more
about how Bandura's PoliWall TIG reduces an organization's attack
surface, operationalizes threat intelligence and helps get more out of
existing security investments, visit

For more information on Bandura's PoliWall TIG:

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