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ELAP Services Announces Employer Bill of Rights Initiative


A national leader in referenced-based pricing solutions calls for
businesses across the country to know and exercise their right to fair
healthcare payments

Services, LLC
, a leading healthcare solution for self-funded
employers across the U.S., announced today the Employer
Bill of Rights
, an exclusive listing of eight fundamental rights for
businesses that provide healthcare benefits to more than 150 million
Americans covered by employer-sponsored health plans.

The purpose of the Employer Bill of Rights is to inspire and empower
businesses to understand and exercise their rights as they make health
plan decisions and manage healthcare costs within today's complex
healthcare system — decisions which affect their businesses and the
employees who rely on these benefits.

"Too many businesses are left in the dark when it comes to health plan
design and managing skyrocketing healthcare expenses," said ELAP
Co-founder and CEO Steve Kelly. "With the majority of individuals and
families across the country dependent on employer-sponsored health plans
to provide robust and affordable coverage, businesses have a tremendous
responsibility to offer quality benefits for their employees. We believe
that all businesses and their plan members have a right to know and pay
a fair amount for healthcare, and to challenge the status quo when it
comes to healthcare costs. That is why we created the Employer Bill of

As part of its mission to move healthcare forward and transform
healthcare for businesses across the U.S., ELAP's Employer Bill of
Rights initiative proposes a new standard for employer-sponsored health
plans. ELAP inspires a call to action for businesses everywhere to join
its mission by demanding healthcare transparency and fairness.

Businesses have a right to receive transparency regarding the costs of
healthcare services; to audit medical bills; to defend fair healthcare
payments; and to make direct connections with providers to achieve
agreeable outcomes, all of which are included in the Employer Bill of
Rights. The Employer Bill of Rights also encourages businesses to be
aware of and explore all health plan options, including self-funded
plans and reference-based pricing (or metric-based pricing). These
models support fair payments for healthcare and the exercising of
healthcare rights by businesses.

By adopting the Employer Bill of Rights, businesses reclaim control by
standing up against out-of-control healthcare expenses that have become
the norm in the U.S. In doing so, these businesses will transform their
bottom line, achieve fair outcomes and offer responsible and
comprehensive healthcare for their employees.

To view the complete listing of rights and to learn more about ELAP
Services' mission to bring fairness to healthcare, visit

About ELAP Services, LLC

ELAP Services is a leading healthcare solution for self-funded employers
across the U.S., offering unparalleled cost savings and advocacy
services. ELAP's full-service program works in conjunction with a
company's health plan to promote the responsible and sustainable
management of healthcare costs. ELAP's services include plan design,
claims auditing, member advocacy and legal defense, and emphasize
collaboration and strengthening partnerships. ELAP builds meaningful
connections with employers, members, and hospitals and health systems,
to ensure a fair price for quality healthcare.

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