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Aptus Health Leverages WhereScape Automation to Fast-Track Cloud Business Analytics


WhereScape® Automation for Snowflake dramatically reduces time to
deliver a cloud-based data vault incorporating data from more than 100
million users

the leading provider of data infrastructure automation software, today
announced that Aptus
reduced its time to deliver a cloud-based data vault using
WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ for Snowflake. Using the automation
software, Aptus Health designed the first version of their data vault in
just three days, and within three months, delivered the production
version on Snowflake
– the only data warehouse built for the cloud.

Aptus Health creates data-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns
aimed at physicians and healthcare consumers through a suite of digital
channels. The company has a digital network of more than one million
healthcare professionals and a mobile network of more than 100 million
users in the US.

With a data vault on Snowflake, Aptus Health eliminated a decade's worth
of data silos and legacy data warehouse integration challenges that
emerged from rapid organic and acquisition-related growth.

To accelerate both its move to the cloud and the delivery of its first
2.0-enabled data vault, Aptus Health selected WhereScape Data Vault
Express for Snowflake. The software is part of the WhereScape®
automation for Snowflake product collection, an offering built to
fast-track the design, development, deployment and operation of data
infrastructure on Snowflake.

"Having the opportunity to overhaul our existing data warehouse required
us to show rapid progress," Aptus Health's Senior Director of Product
Development Alethea Granberg said. "Automation was the only way to
accelerate the delivery of business value with the same sized team."

Steve Gordon, director of data warehousing at Aptus Health, added, "We
chose WhereScape Data Vault Express for Snowflake for its
template-driven implementation, ease of use, low maintenance and
automatic documentation."

By combining all the advantages of Data Vault 2.0, cloud data
warehousing and automation, Aptus Health can respond more quickly to
business questions, better evaluate historical trends and get a more
complete picture of its many data sets inside a fully documented data

"Aptus Health is a perfect example of the analytics benefits companies
can quickly achieve when combining the best practices of Data Vault 2.0,
a cloud-built data warehouse such as Snowflake, and the automation to
make it all practical with existing IT resources," WhereScape CEO Mark
Budzinski said. "Business growth should be fueled, not hindered, by
data, and new insights can only happen when data is quickly integrated
and managed."

Kent Graziano, Snowflake's chief technical evangelist, said WhereScape
and Snowflake continue to deliver integrated partner solutions to enable
the data-driven organization: "Customers want the most advanced,
powerful, scalable and easy-to-use cloud analytics solutions on the
market. Snowflake and WhereScape deliver that. But IT teams also need to
provide these solutions in a fraction of the time and cost spent to
develop legacy systems. WhereScape automation for Snowflake makes that
possible by virtually eliminating the need for hand-coding new and
evolving Snowflake data warehousing projects."

WhereScape also recently announced the availability of WhereScape®
Migration Express™ for Snowflake
. This new offering enables
organizations to simply, rapidly and efficiently migrate existing data
warehouses, data vaults and data marts from legacy data platforms to
Snowflake. WhereScape
automation for Snowflake
is available for all Snowflake customers,
whether choosing to use Snowflake's data warehouse-as-a-service on
Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

For further information, you can learn more about the Aptus Health
project here.

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