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The Market Leading Metadata Management Solution from DocsCorp Now Integrates with NetDocuments


cleanDocs 2.2 empowers NetDocuments users to protect themselves and
their firms from unintentional data leaks by removing metadata from
document and image files

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions,
announced today that it had released a new version of its data leak
prevention software, cleanDocs. The new version is available for
immediate download and purchase.

cleanDocs 2.2 integrates with NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based
content management and security platform for law firms and corporate
legal and compliance departments, to enable users to clean documents of
metadata. Removing document metadata minimizes the risk of data leaks
when sharing files outside of NetDocuments.

DocsCorp Co-Founder and President Dean Sappey encouraged NetDocuments
users to adopt the new integration and cautioned them against
complacency when managing document metadata. "Metadata is a data
protection risk most people aren't aware of. The most important thing to
know is it can lead to inadvertent leaks and compliance breaches. And,
without metadata management, every email you send could be putting you
at risk of severe financial penalties and professional damage under new
laws and regulations."

"NetDocuments' global network of certified services and technology
partners continues to create value-added integrations built on the
NetDocuments platform to enhance the user experience and solve specific
and workflow process challenges," stated Leonard Johnson, SVP of
Products & Partnerships at NetDocuments. "The cleanDocs 2.2 integration
with NetDocuments is an example of doing exactly that – maintaining a
robust and secure solution for document-level metadata cleaning while
making it intuitive and seamless for the end user experience."

More to data leak prevention than metadata management

Metadata is a serious risk, but it is not the only one when emailing
documents externally. The major source of data leaks globally is human
error: emailing the wrong person, attaching the wrong document, or a
combination of both. cleanDocs addresses this by requiring users to
confirm recipients and attachments as correct, which are then cleaned of
metadata and sent.

About DocsCorp

DocsCorp designs easy-to-use software and services for document
professionals who use enterprise content management systems. We provide
solutions for metadata removal, document processing, PDF manipulation,
and document comparison. DocsCorp is a global brand with customers
located in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond. Find out more
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