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The Real Value of Market Sizing for Your Business | An Infiniti Research Whitepaper


Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has
announced the completion of their latest whitepaper on the value
of market sizing in boosting business success

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Infiniti Research helps companies foresee changing market dynamics to make informed decisions. We al ...

Infiniti Research helps companies foresee changing market dynamics to make informed decisions. We also help companies identify markets with the most potential to increase revenues. (Graphic: Business Wire)

"Knowing the size of the market is fundamental to any strategic
business or marketing plan,"
says an expert from Infiniti

Most businesses get stuck when it comes to defining their market size
and understanding the concept of market sizing way before they even get
to the data. Market sizing can solve strategic problems about profitable
growth targets and levels of investments in the business. Market sizing
can help businesses in developing a quick understanding of the potential
for a B2B market opportunity in terms of volume or value and is,
therefore, relevant to business strategies and decision making. To help
organizations, Infiniti has explained the value of market sizing in
boosting your business' success in this whitepaper.

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to see how Infiniti Research's solutions can help

Market sizing challenges and importance:

The main challenge faced during the consistent and precise estimation of
market demand is "data availability". For several products, market
transactions among public and private commercial entities are not openly
revealed or collected, except by some industry associations in certain
countries. Also, developing markets generally present special challenges
since secondary data is not available for a wide range of subjects than
in developed markets. These markets are varying quickly and are not yet
mature. Yet, the situation differs extremely in different countries and
industries, with very good data presented in some countries, but almost
nothing in others.

Market sizing helps in estimating and forecasting critical components of
companies' strategies and tactics. They can help answer the many
important questions most organizations have about their future
strategies and direction on how to attain their goals. As part of
the procedure of assessing and estimating a market, strategic planners
generally try to answer questions about their competitive environment
such as: "What are the segment characteristics and future direction?" or
"What the main growth drivers and inhibitors?" or "What are the
economic, technological, political, social, regulatory, demographic and
purchasing main factors pertinent to the market?" To read more, download
a FREE sample

Market sizing in the strategic planning process

Lately, improved dynamism has been witnessed in many markets, where
there had been little change. The reasons for this are diverse, but
typically relate to technology advances and the quick rise of evolving
countries either bringing in new competition or generating new markets -
or both. These factors have directed to the growing magnitude and
frequency of changes and forecasting uncertainty. Although the role of
market sizing as an important market intelligence input into the
strategy formulation process has not altered, understanding the fact
that predictions cannot remain static for a prolonged period of time has
led to a more regular and continuous review of all pertinent market

To know more about the value of market sizing in boosting your
business' success,
an analyst

Download the complete whitepaper on the value of market sizing
in your business success here:

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