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Insta360 Pro2 Records 8K Spherical Video in 3D and 2D


Pro Video News: B&H is proud to announce the Insta360 Pro2, a spherical
video camera that uses six camera modules to record 360-degree video in
8K resolution, up to 30 fps in 3D, and 60 fps in 2D.

Insta360 has updated its Pro line with the Insta360
Pro 2
. The Insta360 Pro2 features greater processing power, improved
wireless connectivity, and compatibility with Insta360's Farsight
wireless video transmission system.

Insta360 Pro II Spherical VR 360 8K Camera with FarSight Monitoring

Product Highlights

  • Capture up to 8K 3D 360 Videos & Stills
  • 1000' FarSight Remote Viewing & Control
  • Record 8K while Live-Streaming 4K Video
  • No-Stitch Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 9-Axis FlowState Image Stabilization
  • Records to 6 x MicroSD & 1 x SD Card
  • Six 200° Fisheye Lenses (Selectable)
  • Built-In GPS Supports Google Street View
  • Auto Proxy File Creation
  • 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x Audio In

With great processing power come great recording resolutions. While the
original Insta360 Pro topped out at 30 fps at 8K in 2D and 6K in 3D, the
Insta360 Pro2 ups the quality with 8K resolution in both 3D and 2D, with
3D up to 30 fps and 2D up to 60 fps. The maximum recording bit-rate has
also been improved. The Insta360 Pro2 can encode video up to 120Mbps per
camera unit, where the preceding unit was limited to 40Mbps per camera
unit. Additionally, while streaming, 8K recordings can be made
concurrently. Previously, the Insta360 Pro was limited to 4K resolution
recording while streaming. The already powerful built-in stabilization
has been improved with the "FlowState" technology, and can be
implemented in 3D recordings, by way of a 9-axis gyroscope that analyzes
camera movement for compensation during stitching.

Wireless connectivity has been expanded on the Insta360 Pro2. Using the
built-in Wi-Fi connection, the Insta 360 Pro2 can be controlled from a
smartphone or tablet from up to 60' away. Up to 15' away, a 30-fps live
preview can be monitored using the control app. For aerial enthusiasts
and content producers who require more distance, the Insta360 Pro2 is
compatible with the Farsight wirelss video transmission system. With
Farsight, you can monitor and control the Insta360 Pro2 from almost two
miles away using your smart device, PC, or Mac, connected to the
Farsight receiver. The Insta360 Pro2 is also available in a kit with the
Farsight system.

With the debut of the Insta360 Pro2, 360 video enthusiasts have a lot to
look forward to. 8K recording in 3D and 2D is exciting, improved
stabilization and wireless connectivity are welcome advancements, as
well. The Insta360 Pro2 will be available soon, so be sure to check back
at the B&H website for pricing and availability information updates.

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