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Pavilion Data Disrupts Conventional Storage Buying Model with OPENCHOICE StorageTM, Enabling Bring-Your-Own-Media


OPENCHOICE Storage offers customers the freedom to choose,
repurpose and innovate storage media, on-demand, free from the
restrictions of storage refresh cycles

Pavilion Data Systems, an industry leader in NVMe-oF storage
technologies, today announced OPENCHOICE Storage, an
all-inclusive, cloud-like subscription storage model. OPENCHOICE
Storage disrupts conventional storage selling practices by freeing
customers from capacity-based pricing and the three-year refresh cycles
that prevent them from taking advantage of the latest technological
advantages for CPU, memory and SSD components. Customers purchase the
Pavilion Data array with the number of controllers needed to attain the
desired level of performance and license the number of media slots
required to support their capacity needs. Pavilion never charges based
upon the capacity of the drives used in these media slots.

Removing Locked-In Refresh Cycles

CPU, memory and SSD manufacturers are constantly innovating, but the
three-year refresh cycles of traditional storage OEMs prevents customers
from taking advantage of these innovations. OPENCHOICE Storage
enables IT to buy, scale and repurpose media on their own timelines.

No More Trapped Capacity

OPENCHOICE Storage empowers IT organizations to free capacity
that was traditionally trapped inside conventional storage and server
devices and repurpose it when and where they want by simply dropping it
into a Pavilion Data media slot. The company has qualified drives from
the major drive manufacturers and qualifies new drives on a regular

Flat, Predictable Pricing

OPENCHOICE Storage offers an all-inclusive, cloud-like
subscription model that bundles maintenance, support and software into a
flat, predictable price that will not change for the life of the array.

"In today's dynamic business environment, IT organizations are looking
for more flexibility in meeting their evolving enterprise storage
needs," said Eric Burgener, research vice president of Storage at IDC.
"Programs like Pavilion Data's new OPENCHOICE Storage
provide more degrees of freedom in choosing the storage media, which
best meets their requirements, giving customers the ability to quickly
move to new media technologies as they become available while still
leveraging the unique benefits of Pavilion Data's storage architecture."

"OPENCHOICE empowers IT like no other storage array by
eliminating capacity-based pricing," said Gurpreet Singh, CEO of
Pavilion Data. "With a 50-percent lower cost of acquisition than all
flash arrays and three times better utilization than DAS, OPENCHOICE
makes storage infinitely simpler to procure and manage."

In May 2018, Pavilion Data launched the first NVMe-oF storage array for
modern rack-scale applications. Delivering up to 120 GB/s read bandwidth
and 20 million 4K IOPS with 100µs latency in a 4U Chassis, the Pavilion
array has the industry's highest storage performance density.

About Pavilion Data Systems

Pavilion Data Systems empowers organizations to make better decisions,
faster. Pavilion's ultra-fast, rack-scale NVMe-over-Fabric Storage Array
ingests, processes, stores and serves an order of magnitude more data
for massively-parallel, modern applications. Pavilion's solutions enable
Internet and SaaS companies, cloud service providers and enterprises to
deliver business-critical applications at the speed of direct- attached
storage, yet with the economics, reliability, manageability and data
services of shared storage. To find out more, visit
or follow the company on Twitter at

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