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Infiniti Research, a world-renowned market intelligence solutions
provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the different
types of market segmentation strategies that best suit your organization

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Gaining a Clearer Picture of Your Market with Market Segmentation. (Photo: Business Wire)

Gaining a Clearer Picture of Your Market with Market Segmentation. (Photo: Business Wire)

A market segmentation process basically includes grouping and
sub-grouping large homogenous markets into clearly recognizable
segments. The division is made on the basis of similarities in wants,
needs, or demand
. The market segmentation process also helps
organizations concentrate their marketing energy on many pre-defined
market segments to gain a competitive advantage within that specific

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"Marketers can easily personalize their marketing campaigns with a
market segmentation process."
says an industry expert from Infiniti.

Types of market segmentation:

  • Geographic segmentation: This type of market segmentation is
    one of the most common types, where organizations segment the market
    by focusing on many geographic areas. For example, most restaurant
    chains are identified to start their market segmentation process in
    such a manner that they emphasize on a limited geographic area to
    achieve the concentration of force. Also, consumer preferences differ
    from region to region. So, it is significant for companies to choose
    that geographic segment that best aligns with their goals. To know
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  • Psychographic segmentation: This is a strategy that considers
    the lifestyle of people, interests, their activities, as well as
    opinions to describe a market segment. Such types of market
    segmentation take into account the psychographic aspects of the
    consumer's buying behavior. They also reflect the psychological
    features of consumer buying. A famous example is fashion brands who
    market themselves based on the lifestyle and fashion needs of their
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  • Demographic segmentation: This is one of the most widely used
    and simplest types of market segmentation. In this type of market
    segmentation process, the population is divided based on variables
    such as gender, age, nationality, income, and occupation. The
    demographic segmentation variables help divide a huge population into
    precise customer groups. One of the industries that usually make use
    of this market segmentation process is the automobile industry. For
    example, station wagons are intended to suit families with more number
    of members. On the other hand, a Ferrari is designed for high-end
    customers who have an interest in sports cars.
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Listed below are the different types of market segmentation.

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