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Arista Introduces Secure Cloud Networking


Partnerships with VMware and Zscaler for hybrid cloud security

Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) today announced security capabilities
focused on private, hybrid and public cloud networking. Based on
Arista's cloud-grade EOS®
and CloudVision®
state-of-the-art software, Arista's approach redefines silo security
into holistic security designed for a multi-cloud environment. Key
integration includes VMware
NSX Data Center and Zscaler
for holistic security.

The new security expansion delivers three attributes: extended network
segmentation, improved compliance through cognitive controls and new
platforms with integrated encryption for wide-area interconnect. These
provide customers secure solutions, to reduce operational costs and
mitigate threats in the emerging cloud era.

"The challenge to secure an enterprise network is getting more
complicated and expensive every day. Siloed security solutions promise
to make things easier but actually, have the opposite effect. Security
needs to be simplified to be truly useful. Arista's network segmentation
approach, to simplify security across the security islands, will help to
address these challenges," said Golan Ben-Oni, Global Chief Information
Officer, IDT Corporation.

Security in a Cloud and IoT World

Securing the network is a growing challenge, especially with the
expanded boundaries of cloud, IoT, and mobility. Siloed security
solutions do not align to the broader movement to cloud networking. As
with other cloud networking principles, security needs to evolve from
the legacy Places-in-the-Network (PIN) to a common approach to address
Places-in-the-Cloud (PIC). With PIC-based security from Arista,
enterprises can simplify their security architecture with a common
framework and set of security capabilities across cloud networking

Arista Zone Segmentation with Zscaler's Application Segmentation

As more workloads are deployed in the public cloud and IaaS services,
there is a critical need to extend common security policies both from
datacenter to cloud as well as from cloud to cloud. Network segmentation
in particular needs to follow a consistent implementation to ensure that
security enforcement does not need to be rebuilt for each cloud
architecture. Zone Segmentation Security (ZSS), a new capability of
Arista's vEOS Router, provides segmentation for inter- and intra-cloud
network traffic via stateful policy enforcement. The functionality
simplifies the security policy definition and deployment for network
operators. vEOS Router, a cloud-agnostic platform, can provide common
segmentation functionality across any public cloud platform where vEOS
Router is supported, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft
Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Arista and Zscaler are partnering to provide secure access for
cloud-based workloads. Zscaler Private Access™ (ZPA™) is a cloud service
for securing connections between internal applications and authorized
users and it integrates with the Arista vEOS Router, extending the
security approach across multiple cloud platforms. This combination
brings together Arista's control of east/west traffic with ZSS and
Zscaler's zero trust access for all north/south application traffic,
delivering secure segmentation from application to user.

Extending VMware's Micro-Segmentation across Virtual and Physical

With a mix of virtual and physical workloads in the datacenter, network
segmentation must extend across all workload types. Arista and VMware
have collaborated to drive new integration between CloudVision and
VMware NSX. Through these efforts, NSX security policies can be enforced
natively on Arista switches across a multi-cloud enterprise, enforcing
security policies across both virtual and physical workloads. Arista's Macro-Segmentation
(MSS), a CloudVision based offering with Arista's security
partner ecosystem (such as Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, and
Fortinet), allows the enforcement of existing firewall security rules on
the traffic to and from physical workloads. This expanded segmentation
integrates Arista's MSS with VMware's micro-segmentation capabilities
and our firewall partners for end-to-end security.

Compliance and Audit for Cognitive Controls

In today's operational model, it is challenging to manually confirm
device software versions, security patch levels and configurations.
Arista is introducing a new compliance dashboard designed to simplify
operational audit and compliance. A part of CloudVision, the compliance
dashboard provides alerts and reporting for configuration or software
versions that deviate from the standard. Further, CloudVision
automatically learns of new security vulnerabilities, giving the
operator the ability to provision software security patches in an
automated and hitless manner as well as assess the overall percentage of
remediated devices. Arista's consistent software and cognitive API
strategy across any EOS instance, be it the datacenter, public cloud,
the wide-area network, branch or the campus, creates secure PICs.

New Encryption Platforms

In addition to secure segmentation and compliance, Arista is adding high
performance encryption options and new use-cases to secure data transfer
between locations:

  • Enterprise WAN: the Arista 7020SRG is an all new 10G platform with
    integrated hardware-based IPSec for site-to-site VPNs over unprotected
    IP networks.
  • Datacenter Interconnect: Expanded range of leaf system choices for
    point to point encryption with MACsec, including the new 7280CR2M-30
    and 7280SRAM-48C6 for wirespeed encryption with 10G to 100G for up to
    100km and the 7280SRM-40CX2 with 200G coherent interfaces for metro
    and long haul links up to 2,500km.
  • Secure Service Provider access: Leaf platforms with MACsec options for
    secure hand-off for hosting, cable and mobile access networks.

Combined with the existing 7500R Series MACsec line cards, these new
products expand the choices with additional secure use-cases, while
maintaining the EOS advantages.


The vEOS Router-based Zone Segmentation Security and CloudVision
compliance dashboard functionality, new 7020R and 7280R platforms will
all be available this quarter in Q3 2018.

Zscaler integration will be demonstrated at the Gartner
Catalyst Conference
, August 20th-23rd in San Diego, CA at Zscaler's
Booth #505.

VMware NSX Data Center integration will be demonstrated in the Arista
booth at VMworld,
August 27th-30th in Las Vegas, NV #1030.

for the Secure Cloud Networking webinar on September 13.

For more information, please contact your local Arista sales

Industry Support

‘Customers are looking for consistent security policy across virtual and
physical infrastructure. By extending VMware NSX Data Center
micro-segmentation to physical workloads via Arista CloudVision,
customers can eliminate siloed security operations, paving the way for
an architectural shift towards holistic security for network wide
enforcement.' Tom Gillis, senior vice president and general manager,
networking and security business unit, VMware.

"We are excited to partner with Arista to provide our joint customers a
SDP-based approach for secure access to private applications as a
single, easy to manage solution," said Manoj Apte, Chief Strategy
Officer, Zscaler. "Zscaler Private Access deployed in conjunction with
Arista vEOS Router enables an automatically segmented security model
that connects users to applications, rather than networks to networks.
This joint solution enables enterprises to achieve consistent secure
access for applications hosted across multiple cloud platforms with
granular visibility."

About Arista Networks

Arista Networks pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking
for large-scale datacenter and campus environments. Arista's
award-winning platforms redefine and deliver availability, agility,
automation, analytics and security. Arista has shipped more than fifteen
million cloud networking ports worldwide with CloudVision and EOS, an
advanced network operating system. Committed to open standards across
private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, Arista products are
supported worldwide directly and through partners.

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