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HCC Embedded Expands Advanced Embedded Framework to Provide ChibiOS Developers Access to All HCC Middleware


Developers of ChibiOS-based designs can leverage HCC's complete suite of
middleware for networking, storage, and security to rapidly create
highly reliable products

HCC Embedded (HCC), experts in software for securely storing and
communicating embedded data, has extended the range of platforms
supported within its Advanced Embedded Framework to include the ChibiOS
real time operating system (RTOS). Now, embedded developers can easily
add HCC Embedded's quality communications, security, and flash file
system software to a variety of complex ChibiOS-based designs to reduce
time to market and improve product reliability.

"ChibiOS is a compact and flexible pre-emptive embedded RTOS, freely
available under a GPL license and is widely used on many 32-bit embedded
MCUs," said Giovanni Di Sirio, developer of ChibiOS. "As with many
embedded systems, the challenge for developers is to achieve high
performance and verifiable quality while guaranteeing reliable
operation. HCC's focus on reliability and quality ensures this can be
achieved in even the most complex areas of any application."

"Many embedded software components fail to provide sufficient quality
assurance," said HCC Embedded CEO Dave Hughes. "For example, numerous
file systems and flash management software products fall short of
ensuring the reliable and safe storage of data, and a number of network
stacks on the market are vulnerable to security risks and
denial-of-service attacks. To help customers avoid such problems, HCC
enables them to augment their chosen RTOS with high-quality embedded
components that are fully documented and supported by the team that
developed them. This is critical for building cost-effective and
reliable products."

HCC middleware is designed to be truly target independent and portable,
meaning that it works with any embedded processor and provides seamless
support for any RTOS or scheduler. HCC's networking and storage
solutions include TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking stacks; CryptoCore™
security; and MQTT, SNMP, and TLS/DTLS software modules, all of which
are developed with rigorous MISRA adherence. HCC's range of
high-performance, fail-safe file systems and Flash Translation Layer
(FTL) solutions guarantee the integrity of the file system and its data
while managing any type of flash media such as NAND, NOR, and eMMC. With
this vast range of commercial peripherals and software components,
designers can choose the components they need and put them together in a
reliable and consistent way to build a variety of ChibiOS-based products
to the same, high-quality standard every time.

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About HCC Embedded
HCC Embedded software solutions ensure
that any data stored or communicated by an embedded IoT application is
secure, safe, and reliable. With 15+ years' deep understanding of flash,
HCC secures data for customers in IoT, medical, transport, industrial,
and aerospace markets. HCC Embedded is ISO 9001:2015 certified
and software is developed using formal processes,
system-level knowledge, and recognized quality practices to ensure
robustness and verifiable quality. HCC's product portfolio includes
communications products (USB, TCP/IPv4, IPv6, TLS/SSL, IPSec/IKE
stacks), storage products (file systems, media drivers, flash
translation layers (FTL), smart-meter software, bootloaders), and
encryption technology. Because all software is portable and
target-independent, it can be dropped onto any RTOS, MCU, or tool-chain.
Any embedded system can be upgraded to be safer, more reliable, and more

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