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Smiths Detection Delivers Effective Lithium Battery Detection


Smiths Detection now offers reliable and accurate lithium battery
detection as an option on the HI-SCAN 100100V-2is and 100100T-2is
scanners, with other conventional X-ray systems to follow. Existing
installations can also be upgraded on site. This is the first module
from a series of smart and adaptable algorithms for the automatic
detection of an ever expanding list of dangerous, prohibited and
contraband goods and substances.

Taking the deep learning approach, Smiths Detection is collaborating
with customers to build a huge library of images from which the
algorithms can ‘learn' to detect many other items. "The lithium battery
development follows IATA's recommendations regarding Dangerous Goods and
is aimed mainly at the air cargo sector," explained Matt Clark, VP
Technology & Product Development, Smiths Detection. "It is designed to
tackle the tangible threat posed by lithium batteries, which have the
potential to ignite when airborne. In addition to extending this option
to a full range of systems, we plan to expand these augmented detection
capabilities to goods such as weapons, flammable liquids, currency and

As it is particularly suitable for break-bulk cargo screening and is
already popular with air freight handlers, the HI-SCAN 100100 series was
first in line for the lithium battery option.

The combination of excellent performance and small footprint makes these
scanners ideal wherever parcels with diverse shapes and sizes need to be
screened. Positioned at 90° to each other, two 160 kV generators speed
up the inspection time of tightly packed items by providing both
horizontal and vertical views. For further efficiency, there is a choice
of conveyor heights and a maximum load of 220kg. HI-SCAN 100100 series
scanners are compliant with EU regulation 2015/1998.

The lithium battery kit uses an external evaluation computer to host the
detection software, which analyses the contents and "frames" any
detected batteries – this data can be shown on the main system monitor
or on an additional screen. Adding this detection function does not
affect the speed of overall image evaluation and little or no training
is required. It is available now as an option on new HI-SCAN 100100
series scanners or as an upgrade for existing machines.


Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection, part of Smiths Group, is a global leader in threat
detection and screening technologies for aviation, ports and borders,
urban security and the military. Our experience and history across more
than 40 years at the frontline, enables us to deliver the solutions
needed to protect society from the threat and illegal passage of
explosives, prohibited weapons, contraband, toxic chemicals and

Our goal is simple – to provide security, peace of mind and freedom of
movement upon which the world depends.

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