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World LTE Markets - 5G Initiatives & MBB Spectrum: Markets at December 2017 & Forecasts to 2022 (Report & Database) -


The "World
LTE markets - 5G initiatives & MBB Spectrum - Markets at December 2017 &
Forecasts to 2022 (report & database)"
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This database (updated half-yearly) includes quantitative & qualitative
data for 46 countries, 6 zones & world consolidated - 76 LTE operator
sheets are also available. It gathers information about spectrum issues,
technologies, revenue & subscriber data & forecasts up to 2022.

It presents the current status of the main mobile broadband frequency
bands and results of auction processes including allocation modes,
prices paid by each licensee, quantity of spectrum acquired by player,
technology, price paid per MHz per PoP for 10 years and detailed
information on the regulatory status.

Key Topics Covered

Key Points

Key Take-aways

  • 1980-2020: 40 years of mobile generations

1. LTE Global Success

1.1. LTE is mature and mainstream, pushing 2G/3G shut down

1.2. 4G migration continues: players' push to increase pop. coverage

1.3. Players' push to increase LTE performances and define 5G

1.4. LTE technology increasingly widespreading, subscriber growth in its
full swing in emerging countries

1.5. LTE upgrades allowed new services

1.6. evolving towards a shift in focus from data allowance to customised
products incorporating QoS

1.7. 5G: transformation for all

2. 5G

Expected in 2020-2021, Mainstream in 2023

2.1. 5G expected in 2018-2019 in the USA and Asia, 2020 in Europe at the
earliest with a few exceptions

2.2. 5G roadmap in Europe

2.3. More than 100 5G trials in large Europe so far

2.4. USA at the 5G forefront, the 5G race between the 2 leaders

2.5. 5G mainstream in 2023

2.6. 5G widespread technology enablers

2.7. Operators still cautious on 5G business model

3. More Spectrum for LTE Upgrades and 5G

Spectrum, the Lifeblood for Mobile Networks

3.1. Operation in multiple frequency bands is key in LTE

3.2. All frequency bands harnessed for LTE and potentially 5G, below 6

3.3. All frequency bands harnessed for 5G, above 6 GHz: focus on medium

3.4. Potential 5G bands worldwide in the 20-45 GHz range, waiting for

3.5. The spectrum burden, another cloud in the 5G business model?

3.6. The 3.5 GHz spectrum auctions wave has begun - mmwaves in sight

3.7 Announced Auctions for 5G/NR

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