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Cumulus Networks Announces Support for Platforms With Broadcom Trident 3 ASIC


Combination of Broadcom-based platforms and Cumulus Linux provides
ultimate flexibility and ease of use

, the leaders in building open, modern, and scalable
networks, today announced expansion of commitment to open networking by
introducing Cumulus Linux support for platforms with the new Broadcom
Trident 3 (TD3) ASIC. The Cumulus Ethernet Virtual Private Network
(EVPN) solution is the best EVPN for TD3, offering operational
simplicity, undoing all complications of layer 2 connectivity, and
freeing companies from reliance on proprietary controllers.

Broadcom TD3 brings benefits like improved scalability and performance,
while Cumulus Linux EVPN offers operational simplicity along with
Cumulus NetQ support to validate and troubleshoot EVPN. Combining the
two solutions allows for investment protection for the future by
providing greater network flexibility so that a switch bought for a
certain function today can be utilized in different roles moving forward.

Benefits of the Cumulus and Broadcom partnership include:

  • Simplified EVPN operations: It is now easier than ever to
    support EVPN on Broadcom chips with Cumulus Linux EVPN. The Cumulus
    EVPN implementation on Broadcom's Trident 3 ASIC has built-in
    simplicity on different technological layers, thus reducing human
    errors and downtime.
  • Scale and robustness in data and control plane: The EVPN
    solution on Trident 3 supports VXLAN routing/tunneling in a single
    pass at 100/25 GbE line rate, supporting both symmetric as well as
    asymmetric routing
  • Switch platform: The Trident 3 family of programmable switches
    are 3.2Tbps and 2Tbps devices designed for data center, enterprise,
    and service provider networks transitioning to high-density 10/25/100G
    Ethernet. Trident 3's programmability allows new enhancements to
    VXLAN-EVPN, such as VXLAN-GBP, to roll out via a field upgrade,
    avoiding forklift upgrades and providing investment protection
  • Investment protection: The Cumulus and Broadcom solutions
    maximize ROI through investment protection with interoperability,
    flexible positioning and re-use of resources, making it easier for
    customers to migrate spine devices downstream in the future to operate
    at the top of rack leaf switches, if and when needed.

"Cumulus Networks and Broadcom have been building network architectures
for years, empowering the data center switching market and providing
operators with greater control over their infrastructure resources,"
said JR Rivers, CTO and Co-founder of Cumulus Networks. "This Cumulus
Linux support for Broadcom supports our goal of bringing even more
modern, scalable networks to more organizations around the world."

"We are committed to flexibility and simplicity in building network
architectures and we're thrilled to be working with Cumulus Networks and
to have their support for our new TD3 platform," said Eli Karpilovski,
Director, Product Management and Marketing - Switch Software, Switch
Products, Broadcom. "Support of Cumulus Linux will help accelerate and
simplify the process of building open scalable networks, promoting
customization, and reducing the risk of error."

"We designed our Open Networking strategy around decoupling software
from hardware and using merchant silicon to power the underlying
infrastructure," said Drew Schulke, vice president of product
management, Dell EMC Networking. "The investments Cumulus Networks has
made in supporting Broadcom's new TD3 architecture allows us to offer
customers a modern networking stack without compromising the performance
and capability of that underlying infrastructure."

This announcement comes on the heels of impressive momentum Cumulus
Networks has seen over the past year, including an expanded product
portfolio with the introduction of Cumulus
NetQ 1.3
, and a $43
million funding round
in January to fund go-to-market, international
expansion and build on momentum with Fortune 500 enterprises and service
providers. More than 1,000 customers, including over a third of the
Fortune 50, now use Cumulus Networks technology to enable web-scale
networking in their data centers.

Trident 3-based switches will be available with Cumulus Linux in the
Fall of 2018.

About Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks is leading the transformation of bringing web-scale
networking to enterprise cloud. As the only systems solution that fully
unlocks the vertical network stacks of the modern data center, Cumulus
Linux allows companies of all sizes to affordably build and efficiently
operate their networks just like the world's largest data centers. By
allowing operators to use standard hardware components, Cumulus Networks
offers unprecedented operational speed and agility, at the industry's
most competitive cost. Cumulus Networks has received venture funding
from Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Peter
Wagner and four of the original VMware founders.

For more information visit
or follow @cumulusnetworks.

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