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Witty Health Announces Launch of Oncology Provider Registration on OncoPower, a Blockchain-based Digital Health Platform


Witty Health Inc., a digital therapeutic-blockchain company, announces
that secure provider
 is now open for OncoPower,
an oncologist-designed, participant owned platform that utilizes
blockchain technology and digital health to help improve cancer care and
precision medicine by incentivizing participants with Onco; a digitally
generated dividend bearing security token. OncoPower helps oncologists
build a complete patient treatment history, rewards patients for
reporting data and content, facilitates peer to peer virtual
consultations, and enables smart-contracts between payers and providers,
patients, and pharmaceutical brands to improve medication adherence or
report cancer treatment and genetic data.

"We are pleased to be able to leverage the Doximity online platform,
enabling oncology providers who are members to join OncoPower with a few
clicks," said Witty Health Co-founder and Chief Oncologist, Karthik
Koduru MD. "The practice of Oncology is extremely complex. Understanding
significant heterogeneity among tumor types, managing patient response
to treatment and staying current on rapid therapeutic advances places a
significant burden on community oncologists who may see multiple tumor
types each day. OncoPower aims to alleviate these challenges by
improving efficiency, delivery of care, and outcomes through patient
specific and data-driven smart treatment options."

OncoPower is powered by a blockchain-integrated digitally generated
incentive security called Onco,
a dividend bearing security that will power all platform actions
and serve as the fuel of the incentivized Onco-economy. With OncoPower,
participants are both shareholders and users. They retain both the
clinical and social benefits and most of the financial benefit via Onco
which is distributed using transparent consensus algorithms.

"We are encouraged that the Center Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
is taking positive action around reimbursement for Remote Patient
Monitoring and Inter-Professional Consultations, said Manoj Reddy, MD of
Baylor Medical Center at Frisco, Texas. "The Smart Cancer Treatment
Platform (SmartCTP) and Inter-Professional consult SmartOnc tools on the
OncoPower platform specifically address these needs and may have the
potential to transform standards of care and improve patient outcomes."

About OncoPower

OncoPower is an oncologist-designed and developed to create value for
the global cancer community through an incentivized approach using stock
options. It is a HIPAA-compliant and uses integrated clinical care and
utilizes a social determinants of health (SDoH) approach. It is powered
by Onco- a security token as a medium of exchange and to reward value
and facilitate smart contracts between community participants. OncoPower
was developed by Witty Health, Inc. (,
a Houston-based technology company focusing on intelligence-powered,
real-time health risk monitoring solutions to improve cancer care.
According to IMS and Global Research, the global oncology market
participants are projected to spend $150 billion in medications and $120
billion on diagnostics by 2020.

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