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ABLIC Inc. Launches the S-85M0A Series of Ultra-High Efficiency Step-Down Switching Regulators in the Industry's Most Compact(*) Size


ABLIC Inc. (hereinafter "ABLIC"), a semiconductor manufacturer, today
launched the S-85M0A Series of ultra-high efficiency step-down switching
regulators for wearable and IoT devices.

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WLP-6L (Graphic: Business Wire)

WLP-6L (Graphic: Business Wire)

The IC in the step-down switching regulator repeatedly turns a switch on
and off. The resulting charges generated in the coil are stored in a
capacitor and used to convert the battery voltage. It converts the 3.6V
battery voltage (from a lithium-ion battery) to the proper voltage (1.8V
or 2.5V) for mobile devices such as a smart phone.

The S-85M0A Series of ultra-high efficiency step-down switching
regulators is housed in the WLP-6L, the industry's most compact package
(1.25*0.79*t0.55mm), and achieves an ultra-low current consumption of
260nA, the industry's top-class current consumption. It reduces the
footprint of the mounting area and the surrounding components by 52%
compared to our previous product.
(*) Based on our research as of
July 2018.

Major Features
1. Housed in ultra-compact WLP-6L
(1.25*0.79*t0.55mm) package
2. Reduces battery drain for wearable
and IoT devices during standby
3. Low EMI

Application Examples

- Wearable devices     - IoT devices     - Bluetooth devices
- Health care devices - Smart meters
- Low-power wireless sensor network devices

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S-85M0A Series

The S-85M1A Series, a product with a different output current (200mA),
was released together with the S-85M0A Series.

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