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& Blockchain Fintech Confex"
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This conference is intended to assist each attendee in not only sharing
their experiences, but also discussing the emerging trends and
challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain bolstered by
real-world use cases. We are excited to partner with both established
banks and technology companies along with newer players in the market,
who can bring their different perspectives into our event. This
combination of different perspectives will give conference attendees a
better overall view of the emerging technologies and their potential

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are rapidly developing
technologies which will play a role in the future of almost every
industry; the financial industry is no exception. Fintech lies at the
core of every country's economy, and it's important to not only
understand how artificial intelligence will impact the industry but also
understand the risks associated with it.

While the financial world is eager to figure out ways to use AI's
increasing abilities, they also want to know how Blockchain technology
has the ability to change many aspects of the finance industry, as many
companies have yet to realise its true potential. From process or
workflow automation to optimization and lucid visualization techniques
using advanced data science tools, major pain areas across industries
are being addressed. Undoubtedly, the Fintech ecosystem and multitude of
stakeholders investing in this sector are eager to be a part of this

Why attend?

  • Learn about the two latest emerging technologies in the Fintech world
    & what are the changes taking place in the financial industry
  • Interact and network with global experts in a more informal atmosphere
  • To know the direction banks and other innovative solution providers
    are taking in this new era of Innovation.
  • It is important to better understand ROI before investing in the new
    technologies. Let's get a real picture beforehand!
  • Network with the leading companies to know how they are continuing to
    add success to their business; at the same time you will be able to
    join hands with pioneering start-ups to step up in your area.
  • Learn and discuss what the hype is about!

Agenda Highlights

  • Discussing the major roadblocks in terms of technological innovation
    in perspective to solving real-world problems and the strategies
    adopted to overcome these challenges.
  • How can the workforce within the financial sector leverage the
    benefits of AI and Blockchain innovation while concurrently overcoming
    the looming concerns over process automation?
  • What are the major innovations in AI and Blockchain that will
    revolutionize Fintech industry? How do the end users perceive these
    use cases and are they ready for the possible transformation arising
    from an influx of these innovative solutions?
  • How these 2 technologies are helping to transform regulations and
    compliance in financial industry and delivers a superior and more
    secure customer experience.
  • Chat on how the ROI can be reduced while taking full advantage of the
    2 most talked about technologies in the current scenario.
  • Sessions on the fire topics such as Fraud & Security, Regulation &
    Compliance, AML, Smart Contracts, Chatbots, Trade Finance,
    Cryptocurrency and many more associated with Use Cases.

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