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Genesis Group Completes Strategic Upgrade by Launching First Deep Incubation Project "Blockcloud"


Genesis Group Strategic Upgrade Press Conference & 1st Blockcloud
Appreciation Conference in China was held in Four
Seasons Hotel Beijing on August 16, 2018, gathering
cooperation agencies, media and big shots in this industry.

Genesis Group, the leading investment agency in the field of Blockchain,
has fulfilled the comprehensive upgrade from single investment to
digital fund, deep incubation as well as Investment Banks. "In this
depressed market, money investment alone is bound to be knocked out.
Investment agencies need to provide mother-like support including
operating mode, service and resources," Feng Chi, CEO of Genesis Group,
interpreted this upgrade at this conference.

As Genesis Group's first deep incubation project, Blockcloud has a
world-class team composed of scientists from top research institutes
such as Princeton, Tsinghua University and Tokyo University and partners
such as Morgan Stanley, BAT and Huawei. This advantage in research will
help the team optimize TCP/IP for the current network. Yet how to get
through from lab to market and present the project value? These are
problems Genesis Group and Blockcloud shall face together. Fortunately,
with strengths in their respective fields and their joint efforts,
Blockcloud was highly recognized worldwide and is ranked top 5 on the
global project assessment list. As its CEO Ming Zhongxing introduced at
this Appreciation Conference, Blockcloud has completed its private
equity fund and it is much better than expected.

At the end of this conference, Genesis Group expressed its determination
to give more support to Blockcloud in the field of economy system,
strategic plan, talent pool, community system and marketing, and thus
ensuring the continuous growth of the Blockcloud.

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