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Express Homebuyers USA, LLC Wins Significant Court Decision Finding That the Trademarks for "We Buy Houses" and "Webuyhouses.Com" Are Generic and Should Be Cancelled


Express Homebuyers USA, a Virginia-based company that has purchased and
rehabilitated over 2,500 homes and is one of the largest companies in
the house-buying industry, today won a significant victory in its
long-running and hard-fought campaign of proving the trademarks "We Buy
Houses" and "," owned by Jeremy Brandt's company WBH
Marketing, Inc., are generic and should be cancelled.

In a thorough and well-reasoned decision, Judge T.S. Ellis, III, of the
Eastern District of Virginia, concluded that the federal trademarks "We
Buy Houses" and "" are generic, are not protected under
trademark law, and therefore should be canceled. The court found that
the phrase "we buy houses" has been used in the real estate industry
since as early as 1898 in millions of newspapers and advertisements.
That evidence, coupled with other evidence and the testimony of Express
Homebuyer's CEO Brad Chandler, was "overwhelming and unrefuted."

Finding that the marks are generic and should be canceled was "logical"
according to Judge Ellis because "allowing one member [of the real
estate industry] to have exclusive use of the phrase ‘we buy houses'
would be the equivalent of allowing a professional football team to
trademark ‘we play football' or a fast-food chain to trademark ‘we sell
burgers,'" which are phrases that should be available for all to use.

The ruling is significant because, if Mr. Brandt's company prevailed,
thousands of real estate investors across the country could have been
prohibited from using the vitally important phrase "we buy houses" in
their marketing and advertising materials.

Having concluded that the trademarks "We Buy Houses" and
"" were generic and should be canceled, Judge Ellis also
dismissed WBH Marketing's claim that Express Homebuyers infringed on the
trademarks. Judge Ellis thus threw out WBH's multimillion dollar damages
claim against Express Homebuyers.

To read Judge Ellis's ruling, please visit

Express Homebuyers' CEO Brad Chandler was very pleased with the outcome.
"This ruling," said Mr. Chandler, "is not only a big win for us, but
it's a big win for the home-buying industry as a whole. We felt strongly
from the very beginning that the law cannot prevent home buyers, both
large and small, from saying exactly what it is that they do. That was
the reason Express Homebuyers started its GoFundMe campaign to cancel
these trademarks. And the opinion today loudly and clearly vindicates
our position."

Express Homebuyers is represented by Joseph J. Aronica, Ugo Colella,
Nicole K. McLaughlin, John J. Zefutie, Jr. of Duane Morris LLP. Direct
all inquiries to Ugo Colella at

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Founded by Brad Chandler and Jud Allen, Express Homebuyers has been a
pioneer in hassle-free home buying since 2003. Express Homebuyers
purchases homes in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland quickly, at a
fair price and without expensive broker fees or closing costs. Express
Homebuyers has recently started buying homes in many markets across the
U.S. Using a simple three-step process, Express Homebuyers has helped
hundreds of homeowners sell their homes quickly.

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