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Cylance Defends Democracy


Company Donates AI-Powered Antivirus Software to Help Safeguard American

, the leading provider of AI-driven, prevention-first security
solutions, today announced a non-partisan initiative to support all 2018
U.S. political campaigns with its award-winning Cylance
Smart Antivirus
software at no cost and with no credit card
authorization. The campaign initiative is just one part of the company's
free license offer available to all members of the public between now
and November.

"Cyber security is an increasingly serious concern for all Americans,
and election seasons heighten the importance of keeping information
safe," said Stuart
, founder and chief executive at Cylance. "Our software can
help protect everyone, but safeguarding the integrity of the democratic
process from the unprecedented number of threats is especially important
to us."

Cylance Smart Antivirus gives all Americans—including 2018 candidates
and their teams—peace of mind and ease of use by extending the
enterprise-grade artificial intelligence (AI) of CylancePROTECT
to personal devices. This next-generation software is designed to
proactively predict and block never-before-seen threats to help keep
personal data secure.

"Data and information are at risk like never before, and any person in
any organization is a target for cyber attacks that range from malware
to phishing to ransomware," said McClure. "Many people are vulnerable
because they don't have the resources or tools to understand and stop
the latest online threats, especially during elections where campaign
breaches are discovered all the time. It is clear that malicious actors
are ramping up their activity in advance of the midterms, and we know
malevolent hackers will exploit any vulnerability at any level to
undermine a candidate's run for office. It is our hope that the free
offer to the public will particularly help people involved in political
campaigns. We want to do our part to protect the democratic process from
interference however we can, wherever we can."

Other antivirus solutions rely on reactive, signature-based technologies
that slow down systems, bombard users with pop-up notifications, and
require some form of breach in order to begin detecting malware, but
Cylance Smart Antivirus uses machine learning and AI to predict, spot,
and block threats before they have a chance to run—regardless of where
the threats are launched.

"It's effortless for hackers to attack a single candidate, staff member,
or voter who may not have the time or skills to determine what threat
actors are targeting," said Malcolm
, Cylance's chief security and trust officer. "Cylance can
fortify the front lines by donating software to American citizens,
including political organizations, to help ensure their security
ecosystems are protected against what is driving the cyber risk cycle we
are seeing in every organization today—the execution of malicious code
that allows attackers the foothold necessary to steal, disrupt, or
otherwise generate harm."

Cylance invites other providers of cybersecurity solutions to join them
by also donating complementary products and services. "Our industry
leads the world in developing cutting-edge cybersecurity offerings to
protect organizations and individuals," said Christopher
, general manager of Cylance Consumer. "We hope our peers in the
industry will stand with us to help all American citizens and protect
the integrity of our democracy."

Cylance will provide a free license of Cylance Smart Antivirus to any
subscriber from now until November 9; all free licenses will expire on
November 30, 2018. Users can register for their free license without
requiring a credit card here:

Join Cylance at the 2018
User Conference September 18-20 in Huntington Beach and
connect to protect with today's foremost Cybersecurity experts.

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Cylance uses artificial intelligence to deliver prevention-first,
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ransomware, fileless malware, malicious scripts, weaponized docs, and
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