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Franklin Covey Co. Launches New Work Session 'Clayton Christensen Signature: Find Out WHY—The Key to Successful Innovation'


New Content from Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author and
Harvard Business School Professor Added to Portfolio of Solutions
Available through the FranklinCovey All Access Pass®

Covey Co.
(NYSE:FC), a global firm specializing in organizational
performance improvement, today announced the launch and availability of
its newest work session, "Clayton Christensen Signature: Find
—The Key to Successful Innovation," which is now part of
FranklinCovey's robust suite of offerings available through its All
Access Pass®.

Find Out WHY is based on 25 years of research and practice by Clayton
, Harvard Business School professor and one of the
world's most influential business leaders, and Bob
, an insightful practitioner and developer of over 3,000
product innovations. The work session is also based, in part, on the
best-selling book "Competing
Against Luck
," co-authored by Christensen, Taddy Hall,
Karen Dillon and David S. Duncan.

"Innovation is a crucial element to the successful evolution of any
company," said Christensen. "But many companies frequently get stuck in
a cycle of fundamentally flawed innovation, and executives, leaders, and
teams are regularly unsatisfied with their innovation performance. When
viewed through the lens of Jobs Theory, leaders can drive their
innovation to a meaningful breakthrough and gain a progressive
understanding of what matters most to customers. This transformation
will uncover untapped innovative potential for creating products and
services that spur customers to purchase, positioning companies for
sustained success."

Christensen and Moesta's research and practice have resulted in this
conclusion: As organizations more intensely focus on what customers want
to accomplish in a given circumstance, their innovations will be far
more successful. This Jobs Theory or theory of Jobs
to Be Done
(JTBD) provides answers to the questions of how a company
should innovate, where to look for new opportunities, and what products
and services should be created that customers will want to buy. At its
core, Jobs Theory explains why customers pull certain products and
services into their lives.

Designed as a one-day work session, FranklinCovey's Find Out WHY
solution is structured in a four-point Jobs to Be Done framework,
encouraging and guiding participants to think and act differently.

The four points of the JTBD framework are:

  1. Find Struggling Moments: Observe people and their struggles to
    make progress in a given circumstance.
  2. Hear What Customers Don't Say: Conduct JTBD interviews with
    customers seeking to understand the forces that promote or block
    change for the customer.
  3. Frame the Job(s) to Be Done: Use JTBD interview information to
    define customers' Job Stories and the specific "hiring and firing"
    criteria which customers use to frame their decisions to adopt a new
    product or service.
  4. Design for Progress: Identify opportunities to solve customers'
    Jobs to Be Done.

Throughout the Find Out WHY work session, learners gain understanding
and insight into how customers think and explore how to discover a
customer's needs. They will engage in lively discussion, develop
practical skills and discover a powerful new way to understand the
causal mechanisms of customer behavior. Finally, participants will leave
with new insight and confidence to develop products and services that
deliver predictably successful results in the marketplace.

"A deep understanding of what customers want and why when purchasing
products and services is key to driving successful innovation in
organizations," said Bob Whitman, FranklinCovey CEO. "Find Out WHY helps
participants better understand their customers so they create and
deliver what their customers are looking for — their Job to Be Done —
enabling them to drive successful innovation within their organization.
Including Find Out WHY in our All Access Pass further builds upon the
extensive performance improvement tools already available to our
passholders, adding to the many areas of an organization that our All
Access Pass can already touch. Just as the other solutions within All
Access Pass help organizations enable and achieve their greatness, Find
Out WHY provides the essential mindset, skillset and tool set to enable
and achieve their greatness in innovation."

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Clayton Christensen, who serves on the Board
of Directors for FranklinCovey
, has been a trailblazer in the
development of innovation theory and practice. Starting with his Wall
Street Journal
best-selling book, "The Innovator's Dilemma," in
1997, Christensen has authored several books on innovation strategy and
theory. An active researcher and a professor of Business Administration
at Harvard Business School, he has also authored dozens of Harvard
Business Review
 articles and teaching case studies used in business
schools worldwide. Christensen currently teaches a Harvard University
MBA elective course, "Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise,"
which is consistently ranked as the most popular course among students.
He also contributes significantly to teaching in the doctoral and
executive education programs.

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