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IZEA Announces IZEAx API Beta


Programmatic access to influencer campaign metrics

operator of IZEAx®, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and
publishers with influential content creators, has announced the beta
launch of IZEA's first client accessible API allows
marketing organizations to programmatically access influencer campaign
data across all of their accounts, and to incorporate those metrics into
their own 3rd party or proprietary BI systems.

"As influencer campaigns become a larger part of a brand's mix of
marketing tools, we've similarly seen a growing desire from customers to
incorporate IZEAx's analytics into their own data sets," said Chris
Staymates, Vice President of Engineering at IZEA. "We are delighted to
start making this highly requested feature available to partners, and
look forward to expanding capabilities based on direct customer

The information returned from the API includes transactional data about
each piece of sponsored social media content published through the IZEAx
platform. The API provides metrics data over time and platform specific
engagement metrics, such as Retweets, Shares, and Likes, as well as
click and view counts from IZEA's proprietary Tracker system.

With this information, marketing organizations can create regularly
updated dashboards, campaign collateral, and visualizations, or build
higher level analytics.

Analytics API Access is available as an opt-in beta for all IZEAx
partners today. To learn more, or to schedule a demonstration of IZEAx,

About IZEA

IZEA operates IZEAx, the premier online marketplace that connects
marketers with content creators. IZEAx automates influencer marketing
and custom content development, allowing brands and agencies to scale
their marketing programs. IZEA influencers include everyday creators as
well as celebrities and accredited journalists. Creators are compensated
for producing unique content such as long and short form text, videos,
photos, status updates, and illustrations for marketers or distributing
such content on behalf of marketers through their personal websites,
blogs, and social media channels. Marketers receive influential content
and engaging, shareable stories that drive awareness. For more
information about IZEA, visit

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the
meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These
forward-looking statements are based largely on IZEA's expectations and
are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, certain of which are
beyond IZEA's control. Actual results could differ materially from these
forward-looking statements as a result of, among other factors,
competitive conditions in the content and social sponsorship segment in
which IZEA operates, failure to popularize one or more of the
marketplace platforms of IZEA and changing economic conditions that are
less favorable than expected. In light of these risks and uncertainties,
there can be no assurance that the forward-looking information contained
in this respect will in fact occur.

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