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CoreBiome Awarded Technology Commercialization Grant


CoreBiome, a microbiome analysis and discovery company, was awarded a
$220,000 grant to accelerate the commercialization of technology
licensed from the University of Minnesota.

"This grant will allow CoreBiome to accelerate its R&D pipeline and
bring new products based on the licensed technology to market faster,"
said Daryl Gohl, CoreBiome's Chief Scientific Officer.

The grant funding comes from the Translational Product Development Fund
(TPDF) Biomedicine and Bioethics Innovation Grant program, which is
funded by the State of Minnesota and co-administered by the University
of Minnesota, Clinical and Translational Science Institute and the Mayo
Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science. The TPDF program
aims to impact the lives of Minnesotans by translating research
discoveries into new therapies and treatment approaches for patients.

"The microbiome plays an extremely important role in human health and
disease and we are thrilled to support CoreBiome's technologies and
their potential to accelerate the drug discovery process and impact the
lives of patients," said Tucker LeBien, Associate Vice President for
Research of the University of Minnesota's Academic Health Center.

CoreBiome has licensed technology from the University of Minnesota for
synthetic DNA standards, which are used as controls for quality
assurance in the microbiome sequencing process. In addition, the company
licensed novel algorithms developed in the lab of co-founder and CEO,
Dan Knights. In June, CoreBiome announced the launch of its BoosterShot™
platform, the first microbiome shotgun sequencing test priced under
$100. BoosterShot™ is enabled by CoreBiome's advances in informatics and
genomics and allows for high-resolution profiling of the microbiome in
the context of large-scale studies.

About CoreBiome:
CoreBiome is a microbiome genomics company
focused on accelerating discovery for customers in the pharmaceutical,
agriculture, and research communities, to unleash the translational
potential of the microbiome. The company's proprietary BenchMark™,
BoosterShot™, StrainView™, and Core Analysis™ platforms provide fast and
information-rich characterizations of microbial diversity and function,
paired with machine learning and expert analytics. For more information
about CoreBiome, visit

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