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IDERA Expands Flagship SQL Performance Capabilities


New SQL Query Tuner and support for MySQL monitoring add powerful
capabilities to detect and maintain database health

IDERA (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of powerful database
productivity tools, today announced a major release of SQL Diagnostic
Manager. This release introduces the new SQL Query Tuner to optimize SQL
queries and indexes for SQL Server, and adds MySQL support to its
flagship SQL performance monitoring capabilities.

Database administrators (DBAs) are increasingly pulled in different
directions so that they face challenges in balancing short-term and
long-term priorities. This results in inevitable degradation of database
performance. SQL Diagnostic Manager provides advanced monitoring and
diagnostics that allow DBAs to detect database performance problems and
their root causes quickly, then tune database health and performance.

New SQL Query Tuner

According to a 2018 IDERA survey, 69 percent of DBA customers say that
identifying poor-performing SQL queries is among
their top challenges
. The new SQL Query Tuner maximizes database and
application performance by quickly diagnosing and tuning poor-performing
SQL queries and indexes for SQL Server. It also empowers DBAs and
database developers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by profiling
databases with wait time analysis, tuning complex SQL queries with
visual diagrams and identifying bottlenecks with load testing.

New Tool for Monitoring MySQL

According to recent industry
, the market for open source relational databases has
averaged 75 percent growth in the last two years, compared to just 7.7
percent for the total market. SQL Diagnostic Manager support for MySQL
monitoring provides real-time insights to optimize the performance of
MySQL and MariaDB servers. Users can track SQL configuration changes,
monitor locked and long-running queries, and view relational cloud
database metrics via Amazon CloudWatch. Users can also tune databases,
find problems and fix them before they can become serious issues or lead
to costly outages.

New Features for Monitoring SQL Server

This release of SQL Diagnostic Manager also includes Minimized Privilege
Requirements to monitor SQL Server with reduced user privileges, a new
Operator Security Role for contracted off-hours DBAs, and new Grooming
and Aggregation Options with more granular settings that permit keeping
metrics for long-term reporting while reducing total repository size.

"MySQL powers some of the world's most well-known, high-volume websites,
business-critical systems and packaged software," said Heidi Farris,
general manager of database tools at Idera, Inc. "With our latest
version of SQL Diagnostic Manager, IDERA now provides organizations with
tools to ensure performance and help database professionals get to the
root of problems faster than ever."

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IDERA designs powerful database tools that solve end-user productivity
problems with elegant solutions. The company's broad portfolio of
award-winning products addresses nearly every aspect of database
modeling, development, and management across dozens of platforms. A
community of more than 100,000 data professionals across healthcare,
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