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One of the biggest assets that a company can possess is a strong supply
chain. At present, organizations have come a long way in terms of improving
supply chain competence
and enhancing the speed of operations. But,
pricing pressures, global operating systems, and the ever-increasing
customer expectations are putting pressure on supply chain operations.
This compels organizations to move out of their traditional supply chain
implementation systems and change over to techniques that can better
accommodate the dynamic market conditions and customer demands.

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Supply Chain Analytics - A Game-changer in Boosting Your Supply Chain Efficiency. (Graphic: Business ...

Supply Chain Analytics - A Game-changer in Boosting Your Supply Chain Efficiency. (Graphic: Business Wire)

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig,
"Supply chain analytics assesses supply chain performance and
identifies the shortcomings and inefficiencies in supply chain

Importance of supply chain analytics

  • Accelerate sales: The main focus of any business is to make
    products/offer services that will ultimately attract customers and
    result in a sale. To boost returns, organizations need to find whether
    they own the right inventories, raw materials, and supply chain
    network. Supply chain analytics helps companies to identify a
    slow-moving stock that has happened due to wrong predictions and
    inaccurate estimates. It can also help find instances where there was
    a possibility to sell more products and to meet the demand that was
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  • Speed-up material movement: When the supply chain moves
    rapidly, it enables the reduction of inventory levels and frees-up
    cash. But the catch here is to know how to make it move rapidly. This
    is where supply chain analytics comes in handy. By using this
    technique, it becomes easier to find factors such as the influence of
    order size rules and policies, or stock-keeping rules and policies,
    and demand inconsistencies. For example, the effect of production
    batch sizes on finished goods, raw material levels, and
    work-in-progress. Get
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  • Improve standards: It's not just the internal decisions and
    factors that have an impact on the supply chain, but several external
    factors as well. Take a look at the case of poor performing suppliers
    for example. This can influence other supply chain factors such as
    on-time delivery performance, customer service levels, and inventory
    holding. Supply chain analytics can help by taking an ERP system's raw
    data and alter it into thorough performance metrics - supplier by
    supplier. With this, organizations can easily find gaps in supplier
    performance and quickly act to correct it.
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